Concert Hoists

Standard Features

  • Compact design for better space utilization on stage, in trusses and on the truck
  • Quiet operation - can even be used during performances
  • 5-pocket load wheel provides exceptionally smooth operation and reduced chain wear
  • Increased safety with combined torque limiting device/brake
  • Swiveling body hook
  • Compact dimensions
  • Hoist housing made of injection-cast aluminium
  • Black lifting chain
  • Load wheel with 5 pockets
  • Ergonomic handles for easy transportation
  • Inverted or normal position
  • High-capacity vinyl chain bag
  • Low noise level, less than 75 dB


Ergonomic Handles
High strength, extremely flexible handles made of 1" wide rugged nylon with rubber hand grips are included on all inverted hoists. The nylon construction provides the flexibility needed in the entertainment industry and the rubber hand grips ensure the rigger's hold on the hoist.

Chain Bag
High-capacity, high-strength, removable chain bag made of high grade black vinyl, 900 deniers, and reinforced with 1" wide rugged nylon strips is included.

Safe, Smooth Operation
The heat treated load wheel with 5 full pockets is machined in a single production step. The 5 pocket load wheel minimizes chain stress while ensuring smooth operation. A one piece internal chain guide and external chain guide prevent the chain from jamming, no matter what the position of the hoist.

Easy Maintenance
Large integral steel panel encloses all electrical components and offers space for additional options. The panel also provides easy access for maintenance operations (IP55 / NEMA 3R).

Quiet & Compact
The revolutionary gearbox contributes to the exceptionally low noise level, less than 75 dB, and compact design of the hoist.

Concert Hoists