Debris Netting: Sinco Floor to Ceiling

  • Cost effective system upgrades jobsite safety from floor to ceiling as compared to typical 42” tall vertical net barriers
  • Increases public safety and the surrounding properties below by preventing falling debris
  • Protects workers near building edges by serving as a guard rail system and eliminates the need for a mid-rail and toe board
  • Easy to install, remove, relocate and store for greater worker productivity
  • Superior 3-layer fire retardant construction for added longevity and safety
  • Fine mesh center panel contains even the smallest debris and reduces wind speeds on working floors
  • For added jobsite flexibility, the net system can be “shower curtained” open to allow floor access when required
  • Meets OSHA requirements including Guardrail standards

During the construction of high rise structures, substantial debris is created on the floors of the building. Standard vertical screens or vertical barriers typically are 42” tall and moderately effective. Debris is often knocked or blown over the top of these barriers creating a hazard to workers, public and the surrounding properties below.

The “Floor to Ceiling” containment panels provide complete containment of project debris as well as workers. Multiple floors are often protected while work is progressing prior to clean up. Once clean up is complete the netting is rotated upward ahead of the cladding or glazing operations as the structure progresses upward. Additionally, the fine mesh panels help reduce wind speeds on the floor and the associated hazards to workers. The custom fabricated panels are easily installed to a top and bottom cable and are reusable throughout the life of the project.