Portable Construction Guardrail System

  • Fall protection in its simplest form – requires no special training or gear
  • Mounts in both parapet and edge grab configurations allowing the use of a single base for multiple applications
  • Clamp expands from 6” to 24” (15.25cm to 61cm) for jobsite versatility
  • Rapid clamp system speeds installation
  • Supports both wood and concrete structures for added flexibility
  • Durable zinc plated finish for extended product life
  • Supports both top and mid-rail guardrails for added safety
  • Incorporates mounting locations for toe board for use in the edge grab configuration for additional worker protection
  • Designed to be used with standard wood 2 x 4’s or other common guardrail materials for easy jobsite management
  • Can be used as a support structure for vertical debris net containment systems for added versatility

Eliminates the Fall Hazard
Traditional fall protection is represented by a worker using a PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest System) - full body harness connected to an anchor point with a lanyard. PFAS are actually one of the later choices in a comprehensive fall protection program. The first step should be an attempt to eliminate fall hazards altogether. This may be accomplished with a modification to the job description, work process and/or work area to eliminate the need to work at height. The next step is to use fall prevention systems such as DBI-SALA’s FlexiGuard™ Portable Guardrail Stanchion System. This system acts as a barrier that prevents personnel from falling to lower levels, thus eliminating the fall hazard. Used properly, systems like this protect the greatest number of employees with little or no training, no special maintenance and no special gear.

Provides Versatility and Jobsite Flexibility
Whether setting up a guardrail system around the perimeter of a roof or closing off a floor opening, the system will prevent personnel from falling to a lower level. The system can be used for unprotected roof edges, floor hatchways or chutes, leading edge decks, floor or wall openings, elevator shafts, and more. The FlexiGuard™ Portable Guardrail Stanchion can be installed on a parapet wall or on the edge of a slab. In either configuration the clamp may be used on structures 6 to 24in (15.25 – 61cm) thick. The rapid thickness adjustment design speeds installation.

System Components: 7901000: FlexiGuard™ Portable Guardrail Stanchion