Special Spreader System

This series of special spreader systems can be designed to lift loads of almost any size, or weight. Certain adjustability characteristics allow for a wide range of usage as well as handling unbalanced loads where the center of gravity is substantially off center.

Top Rigging Options:

  • Fixed length 4-leg wire rope or chain sling
  • 4 point Adjust-A-Leg® load leveling sling for unbalanced loads

Spreader Beam Options:

  • Fixed length/width spreader design in rigid or bolt together style. Specify style required.
  • Telescopic length/width spreader design to handle loads of varying sizes. Specify min./max. lengths required for spreader length and/or width.

Bottom Rigging Options:

The type of bottom rigging required is dependent on the location of the load pick points in relation to its center of gravity. Some common applications require:

  • Top or bottom container lifting lugs with wire rope slings.
  • Chain slings with hook attachments
  • Nylon/polyester web slings
  • Boat lifting belly slings for marine applications
  • Boat lifting belly slings for marine applications
  • Vehicle lifting wheel nets

More Information & Pricing:

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