Technical Info. & Warnings


  • The most flexible sling available.
  • The sling conforms to the load extremely well, and provides the best choker hold.
  • Hook and load contact points can be continually rotated to extend the service lift of the sling.
  • Longer sling life means cost reduction in sling purchases.
  • The load bearing fibre never comes into contact with the load.
  • Protection to the load from sling damage.
  • Seamless cover, no edges to wear out.
  • Wide variety of sling lengths and load capacities.
  • Adapts to all types, sizes, and load configurations.
  • Lightweight, easy to rig, store and clean.
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, rot and mildew.
  • No loss of strength in water.
  • Only 3% elongation on polyester rounds, and only 1% on high performance rounds.
  • Maximum temperature exposure 194 F.
  • No metal parts on the sling rust.


Round slings are constructed from a multiple of high tenacity polyester yarns in an endless or continuous loop. These load bearing yarns are protected by two woven polyester jackets. The polyester jackets act as a buffer between the load and the polyester yarn.

Measured Length

Roundsling Wear Pad

Technical Info. & Warnings