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Double braid nylon rope, also known as braid on braid nylon, is a great all-around rope composed of two braided nylon ropes combined into one. A loosely formed semi-parallel braided nylon rope core is covered with a tightly formed braided nylon jacket, creating a super strong, easy to handle, 100% nylon rope. The braided nylon jacket protects the core rope creating an abrasion resistant barrier.

Double braid nylon rope is a popular choice for any application which requires high strength and shock absorption. Double braid nylon rope has the highest strength to elongation ratio of any synthetic fibre rope. Because of this and its superior energy absorption, double braid nylon is the preferred choice for shock loading, especially within the marine industry.

Want an eye on the end of your double braid nylon rope? Be sure to check out Hercules SLR’s custom splicing service and let our professional splicer make something perfect for any application. Splicing your double braid nylon rope, rather than tying a knot, is the strongest and safest way to create a loop on your rope.


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