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Why Choose Hercules SLR Double Braid Polyester Rope

Double braid polyester rope is composed of two braided polyester ropes combined into one. A loosely formed semi-parallel braided polyester rope core is covered with a tightly formed braided polyester jacket, creating a double braided rope known for its strength. Though often compared to double braided nylon rope, unlike with nylon, double braid polyester rope has the lowest stretch of any conventional synthetic fibre making it a top choice for controlled lifting and pulling.

Double braid polyester rope has a high working life when treated correctly as it has low creep under a load while also being able to maintain its strength when wet, or hot, with a melting point of 240°C. Beyond this polyester as a material has excellent abrasion resistance and cannot conduct electricity. Double braid polyester rope is a great choice for outdoor applications as it has excellent UV resistance and has shown to only lose approximately 10% of its reliable breaking strength after 2 years of outdoor use.


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