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Shock cord is a rope with one or more elastic strands forming a core surrounded by a polypropylene, nylon or polyester rope sheath. This allows for the rope to have stretch while remaining resistant to fraying and damage from exposure to the elements.

Shock cord is most commonly used in the transportation industry as it is perfect for tying down loads or securing cargo under a tarp due to it’s excellent shock absorption and ability to hold firm in place. This is because while the inner elastic core of a shock cord stretches, it’s outer layer of braided synthetic material will simply elongate, causing it to squeeze the core and keep everything firmly in place.

Shock cord is available at Hercules SLR as continuous length reels in a variety of sizes and colors, made with premium latex for uniform performance. Our shock cord is specifically designed for the demands of the lobster and crab fishery and is perfect for a variety of applications such as trap components, industrial tie-downs, hunting & camping, and even DIY projects & home renovations.


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