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Why Choose Hercules SLR Wire Rope Slings

Across Canada, when faced with the toughest industrial requirements, wire rope slings are there to meet the challenge. Hercules SLR wire rope slings are trusted in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and other industries where heavy loads and harsh conditions make strength and toughness a prerequisite.

Even though they’re lighter and more affordable than chain slings, wire rope slings offer good strength and durability. Compared to nylon and polyester lifting slings, wire rope slings are more robust and can withstand higher temperatures.

As Canada’s leading supplier of wire rope lifting slings, Hercules SLR offers custom configurations of material, wire, and strand structure to provide different benefits for specific lifting applications. Hercules SLR wire rope slings can be configured for abrasion resistance, strength, flexibility, fatigue resistance, and more. We offer a complete selection of wire rope slings, including mechanical spliced, hand spliced, multi-part braided and multiple leg wire rope slings.

When calculating the proper sling for your application, please allow our experienced staff to assist you in choosing the right type, size and load. It is vital for your efficiency, productivity and most of all, your safety.

Hercules SLR manufactures our wire rope slings with heavy duty, permanently attached sling tags. Always maintain this identification so that it is legible during the life of the sling.


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