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Chain slings are one of the most popular types of lifting sling because they’re strong enough to lift the heaviest loads and durable enough to do it over-and-over again without breaking down. Chain slings can withstand impact, extreme temperature, and exposure to chemicals. They’re utterly customisable and repairable, and are found across Canada in foundries, heavy machine shops, steel mills, and any other environment where wire rope or web slings just won’t cut it.

Chain slings can be configured with between one and four legs, and typically consist of a master link at the top serving as an anchor point for the lengths of chain, and hooks or other rigging hardware attached to the lower ends of the chain legs. Chain slings can be used with vertical, choker, or basket hitches and a wide variety of specialized hooks, lengths of chain, and master links to meet the requirements of any job.

For safe chain sling usage, remove all twists from the chain legs before lifting. Never knot a chain and never exceed the rated capacity. Always inspect that chain is free from damage or wear before use and ensure that the master link articulates freely on the hook of the crane or other lifting appliance.


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