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Why Choose Hercules SLR Round Slings

Round slings are bundles of endless loops of high-strength polyester and nylon yarns, contained in tubular jackets. Because they are composed of many strands of unwoven yarn, round slings are soft and supple, preventing any locking to the load or binding at the point of choke when used in a choker hitch.

The unique design of Hercules SLR’s round slings means better grip on the load and supreme flexibility, reducing stress on the sling’s durable double-cover – and our customers. Our advanced polyester yarn manufacturing processes extends round sling lifespan by ensuring equal internal load distribution every time.

As Canada’s nation-wide supplier of round slings, Hercules SLR provides custom wear protection, integrated assemblies, and purpose made fittings to meet our customers’ specialized requirements. We stock our round slings across Canada and our quick service program ensures any job-specific needs are met, no matter what.

Selecting the right round sling for your needs is quick and easy with our capacity colour coding and highly durable tags. Our heavy-lift MX and EX round slings provide market leading strength to weight ratios allowing for easy and efficient setup and handling.

For the most extreme applications, Hercules SLR round slings are available with ballistic material covers.


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