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Hoists are pieces of equipment used to safely and efficiently lift and position heavy loads. Although there are many types and configurations of hoists, four essential components are consistent; a power source, a drum or lift-wheel, a lifting medium such as chain or wire rope, and a mounting system like a hook or trolley.

Chain hoists are easy to maintain and less costly than wire rope hoists. Wire rope hoists can achieve higher capacities and perform lifts faster and at higher heights.

Hand chain hoists are ideal for construction, maintenance, and automotive applications. And lever hoists, or ratchet hoists, allow the user to pull, lift, and position materials horizontally, as well as vertically.

At Hercules SLR, we work with leading hoist manufacturers to offer our customers all available lifting mediums and suspension configurations. We can customize a hoist that meets all of your lifting, safety, and application-specific requirements.


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