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Why Choose Hercules SLR Plate Clamps

Plate clamps, also known as lifting clamps, are specialized pieces of below-the-hook lifting gear designed to create secure connections between lifting equipment and items that don’t have any pre-existing lifting points, like beams, pipes, or pieces of sheet metal.

Lifting clamps eliminate the need to create a sling hitch or damage the item to attach a lifting point such as an eye bolt. They use powerful springs to clamp tightly around the load, but are designed to be soft enough not to cause any damage.

It’s important to select the correct type of lifting clamp for your specific application. Hercules SLR is Canada’s homegrown supplier of pipe clamps, beam clamps, drum clamps, specialty lifting clamps, and lifting clamp replacement parts.

Other important factors to consider are the weight, hardness, and thickness of the items you will be moving. Select a lifting clamp with a working load limit high enough to accommodate the weights of the loads you will be moving. Ensure that the jaws are capable of opening wide enough for your application.

If you need help determining the right lifting clamp for you, contact the experts at Hercules SLR today.


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