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Wire rope clips, also known as cable clamps, are important pieces of rigging hardware used to form load bearing end terminations in wire rope or hold together bundles of cables. They can be quickly and easily installed on most job sites and provide about 80-90% of wire rope load capacity.

The most common type of wire rope clip is the U-bolt clip, composed of a U-shaped bolt, a saddle, and two nuts. Hercules SLR manufacturers and distributes drop forged, stainless steel, and malleable variations of the standard U-bolt wire rope clip. Various sizes are available to accommodate wire ropes up to 1-inch in diameter.

For heavy-duty, overhead, applications like winch lines, crane hoist lines, support lines, towing lines, or scaffolds, always use drop forged wire rope clips. Hercules SLR drop forged clips are hammered into the desired shape while heated—resulting in a consistent grain structure in the steel and a stronger hold.

In contrast, malleable wire rope clips are designed for light duty applications like handrails or fencing. Malleable cast iron wire rope clips may fracture under heavy use and do not have the beneficial grain structure that forged clips have.

If you’re not sure exactly what type or size of wire rope clip is right for you, contact the experts at Hercules SLR today.


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