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Blocks and pulleys reduce the amount of force required to lift heavy objects. Wire rope, chain, or other rigging ropes can be looped through blocks or pulley and used to move heavy loads with considerably less effort than would otherwise have been required.

Particularly useful pieces of rigging hardware, snatch blocks allow rigging professionals to off-set their anchor point and lift in a three-point configuration. And, when used in conjunction with a winch, a block or pulley can allow for a smoother, easier winching process. Tough and long-lasting, Hercules SLR snatch blocks are ideal for transferring loads over short distances and can be used in emergency recovery operations.

Hercules SLR is Canada’s supplier of snatch blocks, wire rope blocks, lift pulleys, or any other type of industrial block or pulley. Our high-quality rigging hardware is in stock at all of our 16 storefronts across Canada, or we ship directly to customers, wherever they are.

Of course, selecting the safest block or pulley system for each different application is important. Always ensure you do not exceed the working load limit of either the block or the rope you’re using, and check that the size of the block can accommodate the diameter of the rope. If you’re not sure what gear you need, contact one of our experts for honest advice.


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