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Why Choose Hercules SLR Master Links

A master link is a closed loop which serves as a connection point in rigging or sling assemblies. Sometimes called a collector link, a master link is a basic piece of rigging hardware. They may be used as the connection point for single or multiple leg lifting slings.

Available in a variety of materials and finishes, Hercules SLR master links are either oblong, pear, or round shaped.

Oblong master links are the optimal design for most rigging applications because their oval shape means they fit easily and securely on crane hooks. Oblong master links can also connect shackles to crane hooks, and are useful in many other rigging applications.

Pear shaped master links are another common choice among rigging professionals because of their durability and the fact that they can accommodate narrower crane hooks, compared to oblong master links. However, pear-shaped master links are not as strong as oblong master links, and are limited to use with only one or two leg lifting slings.

Circular, Hercules SLR weldless master rings can be used to accommodate multiple-leg assemblies, but oblong master links are more common. Master rings are usually used in lighter duty applications such as small machine shops.

No matter what the job, get a Hercules SLR master link and get it done.


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