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Shackles are u-shaped connecting devices with removable pins. Extremely versatile, shackles are used by heavy industry to connect objects to lifting slings, crane ropes, or even structural guy wires, among many other applications.

Since there are many designs and configurations of shackles available, it’s important to select the correct type and size of shackle for your application. The last thing anyone wants is a rigging failure.

Anchor shackles, also known as bow shackles, have a larger, rounder profile than the other main type, chain shackles, which are sometimes called D shackles because their shape resembles the letter “D”. The larger bow shape of an anchor shackle allows for side loading and multi-leg lifting sling configurations. In contrast, chain shackles are designed only for “in-line”, or one-directional, tension.

The pin component is important too. If the application is one where the shackle will need to be frequently switched, a threaded pin makes a screw pin shackle quick and easy to open. Bolt-type shackles are more permanent. They include a bolt-type pin, a tightening nut, and a cotter pin to secure that nut. And finally, round pin shackle pins are not threaded, but secured with cotter pins. They’re most popular in tie-down and towing applications, and should not be used for overhead lifting.

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