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A clevis hook, sometimes referred to as a slip hook,  is a hook with a fastener system that consists of a clevis and clevis pin. A clevis fastening system is a U-shaped attachment point or coupling with holes to thread a pin through. The clevis pin serves a similar purpose to a bolt, but is only partially threaded and is used to fasten the hook to a bracket or chain. This system allows for easy assembly and disassembly for quick and easy rigging. Clevis attachments can be found on a variety of different pieces of hardware. 

Clevis hooks are not designed for overhead lifting and are most commonly used in the transportation industry, for load securement with tie-down chains. It’s important to note that when using a clevis hook at the end of a chain, the grade of the hook must match the grade of the chain. Different grades of hook and chain combinations will have different working load limits, so always ensure you are using the correct grade for the job.

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