Service de maintenance des cordons d’assujettissement de protection contre les chutes

Canada's Fall Protection Lanyard Service Experts

Service de maintenance des cordons d’assujettissement de protection contre les chutes

Fall protection lanyards should pass a general inspection prior to every use. In addition to this user performed inspection, it’s important to monitor and maintain the integrity of a fall protection lanyard, as well as its safety certification status, through periodic fall protection lanyard service.

Fall protection lanyard service should be performed and recorded at least once a year by a qualified inspector. More frequent service may be required, depending on the demands on the equipment.

Hercules SLR fall protection lanyard service includes checking for damage, distortion, and discoloration, checking that all the labels are present and legible, and determining if the energy absorber has been activated. Energy absorbers that have been activated must be removed from service and destroyed.

Nothing is more important that going home safe at the end of the day, so make sure your fall protection lanyard safety certification is up-to-date.

Contact the fall protection lanyard service experts at Hercules SLR today.

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