Advanced Rigger Technician

Train to Work as an Advanced Rigger Technician

Advanced Rigger Technician Training


This program will provide students with the opportunity to master their rigging knowledge and skills from the previous training and field experience in a practical application, as well as learn about the more advanced areas of rigging.


  • Calculating load center of gravity with complex shapes
  • Horizontal rigging and inclined planes, calculating loads during horizontal rigging
  • Chain Fall load drifting and calculation of loading during drifting
  • Use of rigging blocks and pulleys
  • Use of plate clamps, bulb clamps, and lifting magnets
  • Flipping and turning loads
  • Multi crane lifts
  • Proper use of blocking and cribbing
  • Jacking and rolling
  • Understanding signaller and tag line travel path


The program is a combination of theory and practical exercises in the classroom and making uses of simulated rigging scenarios. Approximately 50% of the program is hands on practical experience. Students are evaluated by means of a written and practical examination. Upon successful completion students are issued a Hercules SLR Advanced Rigger Technician certificate valid for 4 years.


4 days.


Participants must have successfully completed a minimum of a 1 day rigging program within the past 24 months.

An example of a web sling in use.


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