Product Spotlight: Hammerlock Coupling Links

Product Spotlight: Hammerlock Coupling Links What is a Hammerlock Coupling Link? Hammerlock coupling links are used for attaching chain to master links, eye type hooks, installing a new branch to a sling or just connecting components during chain sling fabrication.…

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A Look at the Towing Industry: Different Categories of Tow Trucks

A Look into the Towing Industry: Different Categories of Tow Trucks Nothing puts a damper on your day quite like having your car break down as you’re trying to make your way through your day. When that does happen, you…

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Fall for Safety: Tips for Autumn Yard Maintenance

Fall for Safety: Tips for Autumn Yard Maintenance Who doesn’t love to watch the leaves on trees slowly turn from green to gold, orange, and red – It’s so beautiful! However, if you’re a home or business owner, your thoughts…

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Fire Prevention Week: How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace

Fire Prevention Week: How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace If a fire broke out where you work would you know what to do? Are you aware of your workplace evacuation plan? Are you equipped with the proper knowledge and…

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10 Safety Tips Every Chainsaw User Should Know

10 Safety Tips Every Chainsaw User Should Know Chainsaws are very commonly used and effective tools. When it comes to cutting through though materials in a hurry, nothing beats the power of a chainsaw. Chainsaws are used in many industries,…

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Meet Lead Inspector, Shane Ford

hercules slr employee spotlight shane ford

Get to Know: Shane Ford, Lead Inspector at Hercules SLR in Brampton, Ontario  Shane Ford, Lead Inspector, @the_inspector_guy, the guy who keeps you safe…You probably know Shane Ford, our Lead Inspector in Brampton, Ontario by at least one of these names.…

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5 Workplace Safety Hazards to Avoid

5 Workplace Safety Hazards to Avoid Every worker has the right to return home safe each and every day. The most recent report conducted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), showed that 251,508 Canadian’s accepted claims…

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Your Hard Hat has an Expiration Date

Yes, Your Hard Hat has an Expiration Date What do a carton of milk, bread, paint, and your hardhat all have in common? Expiration dates. Your hard hat is a very important part of your personal protective equipment. They’re the…

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Employee Spotlight: Isabelle Bulmer, Territory Sales Manager

hercules slr territory sales manager blog header

Get to Know your Territory Sales Manager, Isabelle Bulmer What’s it like to work at Herc? Meet Isabelle Bulmer, our Territory Sales Manager (an avid gym-goer!) based at Hercules SLR in Moncton, New Brunswick. When Isabelle’s not at Hercules SLR,…

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Employee Spotlight: Olivia Whidden, CSR

hercules slr customer service representative in new brunswick

Get to Know Olivia Whidden, CSR in Moncton, NB Get to know the team at Hercules SLR in Moncton, New Brunswick! Meet Olivia Whidden, a Customer Service Representative (and newlywed!) who’s recently joined the team at our Moncton branch. When…

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Product Spotlight: YOKE Swivel Self-Locking Hooks

yoke swivel self-locking hooks blog header

Product Spotlight: YOKE Rigging Hardware  Concerned about price, quality & reliability? Choose YOKE, and get all three without making a sacrifice. YOKE swivels are manufactured with the highest grade materials, and are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance and a long life.…

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All About Crane Service at Hercules SLR in New Brunswick

crane service in new brunswick

CRANE SERVICE IN NEW BRUNSWICK WHY HERCULES SLR?    We’re your one-stop shop. Would you make three different stops in the morning to get your sugar, milk and grounds for your morning coffee? Of course not—Why should your crane service…

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Herc How-To: Stay Cool While Working in Extreme Heat

how do i treat heat stroke

Be Cool: How to Beat Extreme Heat at Work Hot weather isn’t the norm in Canada—But for a couple beautiful months a year, it actually gets hot outside. Even though we’re excited, this can be a safety issue sometimes. Here…

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The Silent Killer: How Carbon Monoxide is Formed

working welding with welders mask

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Silent Killer What’s odourless, colourless, tasteless and can kill you almost instantly? Carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide poisoning is a reality for everyone, not just those who work in industrial trades. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen…

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Get to Know your Regional Sales Manager, Steve Hanes

rigger next to giant wire rope spool

Get to Know your Regional Sales Manager, Steve Hanes Tell us about your educational/professional background: I worked my way through school and was learning to become a computer technician and programmer. With some help from the economy and getting married,…

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Get Hooked: All About Clevis Grab & Slip Hooks, Eye Hooks & More

rigging hook title image

Get Hooked: All About Clevis Grab & Slip Hooks, Eye Hooks & More  We’re hooked on hooks at Hercules SLR! There are many different hooks used for towing, pulling, securing, lifting and rigging, and each type of hook comes with…

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We Pull Anything! ATV Towing Tips

atv towing tips

We Pull Anything! ATV Towing Tips You’ve probably heard us mention that we lift anything, but we also pull anything.  Many of us on the Hercules SLR team are enthusiastic ATV-ers—That’s all-terrain vehicles for all you newbies out there.  There’s a…

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Get to Know your National Program Manager, Lisa Barkhouse

hercules slr program manager

Get to Know your National Program Manager, Lisa Barkhouse What’s it like to be the National Program Manager at Hercules SLR? We talk to Lisa Barkhouse, who trains and develops learning programs for Hercules SLR branches across Canada.  We sit…

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Why Chemical Safety is Important | Training Tuesday

why chemical safety is important

WHY CHEMICAL SAFETY IS IMPORTANT  Why is chemical safety important? Hazardous or toxic chemicals are used in many industrial environments on a daily basis.  Although chemicals make up the world around us, some can be more harmful than others—This is…

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CM Guest Blog | The Twenty Year Rule

cm cranes and hoisting equipment

CM ON THE TWENTY YEAR RULE CM knows it can be easy to fall into the ‘twenty year rule’ trap—but what is it? Read on for tips from Columbus McKinnon (CM) on why some rules actually are made to be broken.  Their…

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Why wear safety glasses? | Training Tuesday

why wear safety glasses

Why wear safety glasses? Why wear safety glasses? Luckily, it’s Training Tuesday at Hercules SLR, where we bring you training tips for rigging, securing, lifting, safety and more each week.  This week, the focus is on eye safety and why…

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Why confined space training?

why confined space training is important in sewers

Why confined space training?  Why confined space training? Taking training courses before you enter, exit or work around a confined space has many benefits—The main benefit is having the knowledge to keep yourself and others safe. Why is training to enter…

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ISO and Road Vehicles

roads and transportation at night

ISO AND ROAD VEHICLES  DID YOU KNOW? Anyone who has driven a road vehicle of almost any make, almost anywhere in the world, will have directly benefitted from ISO 2575, which specifies the familiar symbols for controls and indicators we…

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Our Testing’s in the (Water) Bag | #TrainingTuesday

water bag testing with crane

WATER BAG TESTING AT HERCULES SLR We’ve covered the importance of pre-use checks & inspections on the Hercules SLR blog before, like visual inspections, proof-testing and non-destructive testing – One thing we haven’t covered, however, is what water bag proof load…

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How to Handle a Workplace Emergency

workplace emergency toy responder

How-to Handle a Workplace Emergency We’ve discussed Emergency Preparedness Week earlier this week on the blog – But what about how to handle a workplace emergency? Emergency Preparedness Week is held for one week each year, and this week it’s…

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Confined Space Hazards | Training Tuesday

man entering confined space

4 CONFINED SPACE HAZARDS | TRAINING TUESDAY Welcome to Training Tuesday! This week, the focus is on confined space hazards and the top 5 hazards you should know about before you enter, exit, or just work around them.   This…

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National Emergency Preparedness Week | What you Need to Know

national emergency preparedness week header

NATIONAL EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK Since 1996, National Emergency Preparedness week happens each year in Canada for one week. This year, it’s being held from May 5-11.  This is a national awareness campaign and is a collaboration between the provinces, emergency…

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Chain Sling Inspection | 5 Steps for In-Depth Inspection from CM

chain by columbus mckinnon

In-Depth Alloy Chain Sling Inspection | 5 Steps How should you conduct an in-depth alloy chain sling inspection? Columbus McKinnon is here on the Hercules SLR blog to share what a professional rigger needs to know when they perform an…

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How we Make a HUGE Wire Rope Sling in Hamilton, Ontario

spools to make wire rope sling

HOW HERCULES SLR IN HAMILTON, ONTARIO MAKES A GIGANTIC WIRE ROPE SLING What are we up to at Hercules SLR in Hamilton, Ontario? We’re making big things – a big wire rope sling, specifically.   Check out these shots of Bryan…

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Forklift Driving | Training Tuesday

forklift operator driving in warehouse

FORKLIFT DRIVING Forklift driving takes a lot more than just lifting and moving materials – Forklift operators should have an understanding of safety & balance, to keep materials, themselves and others safe. One of the biggest risks forklift drivers face is…

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | CM Hurricane 360 °

cm hurricane 360 hand chain hoist by columbus mckinnon

THE CM HURRICANE 360 TACKLES THE MOST CHALLENGING APPLICATIONS One of the most versatile hand chain hoists yet is the CM Hurricane 360. Unlike traditional hand chain hoists; the CM Hurricane 360° may be used in any direction due to…

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Rigging and Lifting Slings | All About Synthetics

industrial rigging and lifting sling being sewn

There’s a lot of different terminology and rules to remember about synthetic rigging and lifting slings – but Hercules SLR has you covered.  When you think of a heavy duty sling, you might wonder why a rigger would choose a synthetic…

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Which Rope Has the Greatest Tension?

wire rope rigging, Which Rope Has the Greatest Tension?

WHICH ROPE HAS THE GREATEST TENSION? Which rope has the greatest tension? That’s a good question, with many answers that might surprise you.  Rope tension can be a confusing concept for some to grasp (they’ve even studied why students have such…

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Why Workplace Culture Matters | #HercAtWork

why workplace culture matters

FUN AT WORK: WHY WORKPLACE CULTURE MATTERS  Fun at work is important, and this is one of the reasons why workplace culture matters — Seriously. We’ve went over our passion for safety before, but we’re also passionate about fun.  Why…

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Tips for Taglines | Training Tuesday

riggers using taglines to control and secure a load

TRAINING TUESDAY | TAGLINES Taglines — What are they, what are they used for and why do we rig with them? We’ll tell you — Welcome to the new series from Hercules SLR, called Training Tuesday.  In this series, every…

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ISO and Energy

iso and energy with cars and lights on highway

ISO AND ENERGY | GREAT THINGS HAPPEN WHEN THE WORLD AGREES  THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION ISO and energy — What does it mean for the rigging industry, and how does it help? Read on for ISO’s guest post and…

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Women of Industry | Meet Josée, VSL Territory Sales Manager

Josee Verrette women of industry

Women of Industry | Meet Ville St. Laurent Territory Sales Manager, Josée Verrette Hercules SLR celebrates women of industry at work and on our blog—Check it out and learn more about our Territory Sales Manager Josée Verrette, and her role…

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Don’t Believe Us—Just Watch: Book your 3M Fall Protection Demo

3m fall protection gear for tools

NEW! 3M Fall Protection Demo Bag  Hercules SLR knows the value of fall prevention—That’s why we’ve put together kits with some of our favourite 3M fall protection gear to show you the difference it makes.  3M FALL PROTECTION | WHY…

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Entertainment Industry Rigging Safety | 12 Tips from CM

entertainment industry rigging, hercules securing, lifting and rigging

CM GUEST BLOG | SAFE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY RIGGING  Columbus McKinnon joins us on the Hercules SLR blog to share their best tips for safe entertainment industry rigging. Read on & learn how to set-up and stay safe in the theatre,…

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Fall Protection Safety: What’s your IQ?

fall protection safety quiz

Think you know how to stay safe at heights? Maybe you’ve read our fall protection glossary and think you’re an expert? Now’s your time to prove it—Take our fall protection safety quiz and find out if you have a high…

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All About Ontario: Meet Territory Sales Manager, Steve Norcross

Steve Norcross

Steve Norcross is a talented Territory Sales Manager from Sarnia, Ontario. Steve brings a wealth of experience with him from industrial backgrounds working on all sides—Read on to learn more about his role at Hercules SLR, where he’d like to…

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Crane Service: Lifting you in Sudbury, Ontario

crane service in sudbury ontario hercules slr, securing, lifting & rigging

What makes our crane service so special in Sudbury, Ontario? We do it all. Our team of crane technicians in Sudbury, Ontario grew from two to five within months, and business is boomin’—They’re a small team, with big goals. Cranes…

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Woman in Industry: Meet Tasha Peters, Inside Sales Representative

woman in industry, hercules slr inside sales representative

What’s it like to be a woman in industry? Read our interview with Tasha Peters, Inside Sales Representative at Hercules SLR in Sudbury, Ontario to find out. WOMAN IN INDUSTRY, TASHA PETERS | Tell us about your educational or professional…

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Under Construction: Building Safety Culture at Hercules SLR

safety culture at hercules slr

Hercules SLR has been building a safety culture for over 45 years—Yes, we literally got here by playing it safe. When it comes to rigging, Hercules SLR does it all, and we does it safely. How do we build a…

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Jenn Connolly, Sarnia Ontario Branch Manager: Leading with Service

Jennifer Connolly

Jenn Connolly is our talented, energetic branch manager at our Sarnia, Ontario branch—She’s worked with people her entire career and knows how to keep her customers and team happy. Read on to learn more about how Jenn honed her service…

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Women in Industry: Adriana Martin, Branch Manager Talks Securing & Safety in Sudbury

women in industry adriana martin

What’s it like to be a women in industry? You’re about to find out.  We talk to Sudbury, Ontario Branch Manager, Adriana Martin about being a woman in the securing, rigging & lifting industry, her advice for young women hoping…

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Florence Kelley and the Machine: First Female Factory Inspector

florence kelley, women in history at hercules slr

March is Women’s History Month—To celebrate, we’re sharing the store of Florence Kelley, a woman who’s responsible for many of the seemingly basic work-rights we have today.  Florence Kelley is a social and political activist who made significant contributions to…

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Suspension Trauma: 3 Must-Know Myths

suspension trauma myths to know

Suspension trauma has a few different names—Harness hang, harness-induced pathology and orthostatic intolerance (the medical term). Consequences can be fatal, and it’s important to be aware of symptoms and ways to prevent its onset. Suspension trauma has its fair share…

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Women with Skill: Kelly Baird-Pestell talks Rigging Industry & Teamwork

kelly baird pestell rigging industry

Kelly Baird-Pestell is our Territory Sales Manager from Sudbury, Ontario and she’s worked in and around the rigging industry for most of her career—just because she’s behind-the-scenes, doesn’t mean her hands don’t get dirty.   Read on to learn more…

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Don’t Slip Up: Fall Protection Glossary

fall protection glossary

Sometimes you just want a quick, simple definition without all the fluff, so we’ve created a fall protection glossary that does just that. Do you use a fall arrest system? If you work at 10-feet or higher, you need it…

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ISO and Construction: Great Things Happen When the World Agrees

iso and construction

ISO is the International Organization for Standards, and is responsible for creating consistent guidelines and specifications to ensure products and services meet rigorous guidelines– How do ISO and construction benefit each other? We’ve discussed what ISO means in the supply…

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Engineer (by Default) Emily Warren Roebling

Brooklyn bridge engineer

Emily Warren Roebling (September 23, 1843 – February 28, 1903) is known for her contribution to the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband Washington Roebling developed caisson disease (a.k.a. decompression disease). Her husband was a civil engineer and the chief engineer during the construction of the Brooklyn…

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Welcome to Hamilton, Ontario: Meet Jim Case, Rigger

rigger doing repair at hercules slr

RIGGING WITH OVER 15 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE: JIM CASE INTERVIEW There’s so much experience to be found at Hercules SLR – today, we sit down with Associate Rigger Jim Case (he has over 15 years’ experience!) to discuss some cool projects…

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Yes, Sitting at Your Desk Can Cause Injury: Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

repetitive strain injury

February 29th doesn’t happen each year – this is why we celebrate Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day on the last day of February, a “non-repetitive” day. Repetitive Strain Injuries are also known as musculoskeletal disorders.  Why exactly do we celebrate…

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Columbus McKinnon Guest Blog: CM Experts Talk Load Securement

load securement columbus mckinnon at hercules slr

Columbus McKinnon (CM) creates popular, durable hoisting equipment for rigging like the Bandit, and Loadstar—Today, we have a two part piece by two rigging experts from CM on the Hercules SLR talking load securement, and the benefit of ratchet binders…

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What should you do before you use a hoist?—Hercules How-To

what should you do before you use a hoist

HERCULES HOW-TO: WHAT SHOULD YOU DO BEFORE YOU USE A HOIST? What should you do before you use a hoist? If you’re a rigger, or have worked in construction, you’ve likely used some sort of hoist before. Hoists are mechanical…

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The Westray Bill & Weed: What you Need to Know About Bill C-45

You may be familiar with Bill C-45, otherwise known as the Cannabis Act, a piece of legislation that legalized weed throughout Canada – but what does this mean for the workplace? Read on to learn more about Bill C-45, what it…

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Get to Know your Training Specialist – Jamie England


Jamie England is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your educational background? Jamie: I…

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Warehouse Wow: How our Distribution Centre Leads the Industry

hercules distribution centre warehouse

WAREHOUSE WORSHIP: HOW OUR CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE IS LEADING THE INDUSTRY HERCULES CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE: WHAT WE DO You’re probably reading this on a computer or mobile phone that at one point, was probably sitting somewhere in a warehouse. In…

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CROSBY QUIZ: Can you Pass this Hook Inspection Quiz?

crosby quiz, hoist hook inspection at hercules slr

CROSBY HOOK HOIST INSPECTION TAKE THE CROSBY QUIZ So you think you know how to inspect a hoist hook? Prove it. Take the Crosby Quiz and find out if you’re a  pro at inspecting hooks for hoisting, or if you…

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CM’s Tips: Crane & Hoisting Equipment in Hazardous Areas

cm hoisting equipment at hercules slr

COLUMBUS MCKINNON GUEST BLOG: How to Use Hoists & Cranes in Hazardous Areas This guest blog is reprinted with permission from the experts at Columbus McKinnon. Their specialists give you an overview of safe practices to follow to operate crane…

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Get to Know Hercules Marketing Specialist Amanda White

Marketing Amanda White

Amanda White is our Hercules Marketing Specialist. We sat down with her to find out more about her and how she decided to choose Marketing as a career path. Tell us about your background? Amanda: I’m a British immigrant to…

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What do Riggers do Offshore?

what do riggers do offshore

WHAT DO RIGGERS DO OFFSHORE? What do riggers do offshore? If the first word that comes to mind when you think of the words ‘riggers’ or ‘rigs’ is ‘offshore’, you’re on the right track. As we’ve covered in many of…

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Crosby Guest Blog: Shackle Inspection & Care

crosby shackles

CROSBY SHACKLES  Crosby shackles are a popular option for lifting applications. Time-tested and work proven, Crosby has made their mark in rigging—they’ve produced the first wire rope clip, quench and temper fittings (this makes performance more reliable) and were the…

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ISO 9001: What does it mean in the Supply Chain?

supply chain and iso 9001 at hercules slr

As someone who is involved in the selection of suppliers and, possibly, responsible for making purchasing decisions, you may have seen or used products and services that are promoted using reference to ISO 9001:2015, or, more simply, “ISO 9000”. What…

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Fall Arrest System: Don’t Fool with your Tools

fall arrest system for tools at hercules slr

You likely know about a Fall Arrest System for your body–but what about your tools? Fall protection for tools is the ‘F’ of the ABCDE’s of Fall Protection. A fall arrest system for tools to prevent drops is essential for…

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What is a Rigger in Construction?

what is a rigger in construction, hercules slr

WHAT IS A RIGGER IN CONSTRUCTION? What is a rigger? A rigger in construction is a person responsible for securing a load to lift, pull, hoist or move in general. They’re responsible in making sure the right equipment and hardware…

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Workplace Mental Health: How Hercules SLR Supports Staff

workplace mental health at hercules slr

MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE: A HERCULES SLR PRIORITY Mental health is like a sling. Load a sling beyond capacity, and it breaks. A sling must be maintained to work properly, and mental health in the workplace is similar.  Mental…

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Meet your Hercules SLR Inspector, Quincy Warner

inspector from hercules slr

Quincy Warner is a qualified inspector at Hercules SLR in Hamilton, Ontario. Read on to learn more about his career path in safety and inspections and Hercules SLR.  We sit down with Quincy to talk about his duties as Inspector…

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Sling Inspection Checklist: Hercules How-To

sling inspection checklist

SLING INSPECTION CHECKLIST Sling inspection is an important part of a rigger’s daily routine – here’s a sling inspection checklist to make life easier. Check out our sling inspection checklist that includes removal criteria to know when your sling should be…

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Modular Construction Trending: Innovative Workspaces

modular construction project hercules slr

WHAT’S MODULAR CONSTRUCTION?  Modular construction allows significant portions of work to be completed, off-site and usually inside in a modular workspace. It doesn’t describe the building itself, but the way it’s built.  Many think of a mobile home or re-locatable…

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Star Struck in Hamilton: Kevin Richardson from Heavy Rescue 401

heavy rescue 401 visits hercules

The Hercules SLR branch in Hamilton, Ontario had a special visitor stop by – Kevin Richardson from the hit Discovery Channel show, Heavy Rescue 401. Read on to find out what he and the Hamilton branch in Hercules SLR got…

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Webbing Sling Q&A: Heavy-Duty Strength for Delicate Lifts

webbing sling from hercules slr

WEBBING SLING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW If you’re a rigger or work in material handling, you likely encounter webbing slings often in your work. A synthetic webbing sling is fantastic to lift delicate or soft materials, since their soft…

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Stop the Snap: Prevent Rope Snapback

rope snapback, rigging service, hercules slr

Dwayne Fader’s been with Hercules SLR for over 30 years and recently, he decided to ditch the dark Canadian Winter for summery, sunny Florida—before he flies away, we sit down with Dwayne to ask him a few questions about rope…

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Quality Assurance & Safety Specialist – James Golemiec


Get to know your Quality Assurance & Safety Specialist – James Golemiec James Golemiec CRSP is our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance Specialist. We asked him some questions about himself and how he decided to choose this career path.…

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Become a Rigger: Your Career Map

"become a rigger"-become-a-rigger-hercules-slr-rigging-careers

BECOME A RIGGER. BECOME A RIGGER: YOUR CAREER MAP                                      BECOME A RIGGER: TRAINING & EDUCATION              …

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Stuck in a Tight Spot? What to know in a confined space

confined space, hercules slr, how to work in confined spaces

Most workers will have to work in a confined space at some point in their career – although common, many workers and employers don’t plan or account for common hazards found in them.  Read on to discover commonly-found dangers in…

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Welcome to Ontario: Brampton Riggers Talk Chain Hoist Safety

chain hoist,

CHAIN HOISTS Chain hoists (sometimes referred to as chain falls or their older term, ‘chain blocks’) are popular piece of equipment to lift heavy loads. A chain hoist is durable and allows heavy loads to be lifted with ease since…

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Crane Equipment: cranes, chains & automobiles

crane equipment, hercules slr, rigging services

Cranes have been used since the first century – in that time, they were powered by humans or animals to lift heavy loads. Cranes have adapted and come a long way since – they now use an assortment of crane…

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Get to Know your Trainer – Boris Satiric

trainer boris satiric at hercules slr

Boris Satiric, is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your background? Boris: I spent…

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Shackles: A Hercules Hardware How-To


Shackles are typically used as connection points for lifting equipment in many securing and rigging applications. The type of shackle you use will depend on the lifting operation—Each has a slightly different design to suit them to various functions. There…

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CM Guest Blog: 3 Safety Tips to Install your CM Trolley


Read on to discover tips from rigging and load securing experts at Columbus McKinnon – today, they’re sharing their top three safety tips to remember when you install your CM trolley. Whether it’s a hoist, trolley or rigging equipment, proper…

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Poly-What?! All About Synthetic Slings


Synthetic slings are generally available in two varieties – flat-woven web slings and round slings. Textile slings should perform in accordance with ASME standards B30.9-5. Synthetic Slings: flat-woven web sling (or webbing sling) Synthetic flat-woven web slings are usually made…

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Get to Know your Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin

training courses at hercules slr

Today, we sat down with Quebec Hercules SLR Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin. We’re proud to have managers with a wide-array of industry experience and hands-on training. Marc has worked in both the mechanical and financial industries, and works at Hercules…

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Behind-the-Scenes: Life of a Slingmaster Sling


A SlingMaster sling lives a short,  but full life. We’ve covered the less-talked about non-destructive testing here  and here – but what exactly does destructive testing look like, and why do we use it? Destructive testing is the process used to…

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Bird-Caging, Never Saddle a Dead Horse and Singing: huh?

rigging terms, jargon by hercules slr

Rigging Slang In the rigging and lifting industry, you’ll probably hear a lot of rigging slang thrown around – “don’t saddle a dead horse!”, bird-caging, cabling, diving, drum-crushing, end-for-ended, singing and more – but what do they all mean? Here’s…

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Herc How-To: Assemble a Chain Sling


Herc How-To: assemble a chain sling Chain is often used to tie down loads, for lifting applications and to tow loads – however, the rigging industry’s safety standards have developed in recent years, and chain used for lifting must meet…

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Herc How-To: Calculate Load Weight

Herc-How-To-calculate load weight

How-To Calculate Load Weight: the basics An important aspect of rigging is measurement – there are a number of important things to determine and consider before you calculate load weight and proceed with the lift. Read on for basic tips…

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Samson K-100 hoist line: the first synthetic crane rope

Samson K-100 hoist line: first synthetic crane rope-hercules-slr

Samson Rope K-100 Hoist Line: an industry leader Samson rope’s K-100 hoist rope is the first of its kind – a synthetic rope to be used with mobile cranes for hoisting applications. Traditionally, steel wire rope has been used for…

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Important: Preventative Equipment Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Underestimating the importance of equipment maintenance could be taking a toll on your bottom line. The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is too often the way some view equipment maintenance. Why pay for service on your equipment…

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Women in Industry – Kim Reynolds Warehouse Associate


Kim Reynolds is our dedicated, hardworking shipper/receiver at our Dartmouth location. We sat down with her to find out more about her and how she decided a career in Shipping was her calling. Tell us about yourself: Kim: I was…

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Rigging Tips: avoid common wire rope damage


Wire rope has many applications—today the focus is on Wire Rope slings. Read on for tips from our Brampton rigging experts to inspect your wire rope sling and prevent common wire rope damage, so your wire rope slings have a…

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Risk Management: safety is every riggers’ business


Risk Management: what is it? Risk management is the systematic process of assessing risk and acting in such a manner, or implementing policies and procedures in order to avoid or minimize loss associated with such risk. Essentially, risk management is…

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Fall Protection Training: don’t get left behind


Fall Protection Training: don’t get left behind Fall protection and training for is easy to overlook when there’s a job to be done—who has time to strap on a safety harness? You do. At Hercules SLR, safety is a priority…

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Get to Know your System Administrator, Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan is our System Administrator at our Head Office in Dartmouth, NS. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided on a career in the IT (information technology) industry.  Tell us a…

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Warehouse Safety: 8 steps to take after a racking accident


As we mentioned in our previous blog on warehouse and forklift safety, the winter months are a busy time for warehouse personnel. There’s retail, inventory, and in these modern times, the hustle and bustle doesn’t stop on December 25 –…

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Warehouse Safety: is your forklift holiday season ready?


Warehouse Safety: forklifts and lift trucks Warehouse Safety—why is it important? Warehouse work presents various short and long term heath and safety issues – these range from musculoskeletal injuries from awkward bending and lifting positions, to chemical and biological hazards…

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Crane & Hoisting System: the dangers of side pulling

cm hoisting system at hercules slr

Crane & Hoisting System Safety: guest post from CM Canada Overhead lifting operations, like a hoisting system or cranes, are necessary in workplaces around the globe. The ability to lift and move material safely is critical to the success of…

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Beam Clamp Applications: safety tips from Brampton, ON


Beam clamp applications provide support and better load control. Today, we spoke with rigging experts from Brampton, Ontario to learn more about the three main types of beam clamps—they spoke with us about safe tips for use and how to…

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Rigging Glossary: ABC’s of rigging from C-D


There are many terms and definitions when it comes to the rigging and lifting industry, so we decided to break it down for you with a rigging glossary series—the ABC’s of rigging! On our last glossary we listed some common…

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PPE-volution – How the Golden Gate Bridge Inspired PPE

Brooklyn bridge workers

America’s Industrial Revolution and ingenuity brought about many important advances in worker safety and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). At the start of the American Industrial Revolution, worker safety and health were nowhere near the priority they are today. As manufacturing…

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Tips from our Brampton, ON Experts: Safe Rigging Practices


Safe rigging practices are essential to get the job done and get home in one piece. Today, we spoke to our rigging experts from our Brampton, Ontario branch—some of their clients include IMAX, Siemens, GM and Bombardier. Read on to…

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Hercules SLR Certifications: ISO 9001—Debunking the Myths


Hercules SLR is proud to have the ISO 9001:2015 certification—this means our quality management system is held to their international standards and helps us consistently provide products and services that meet our customers needs. What is ISO 9001? ISO 9001…

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Get To Know Your Trainer – Lou Gould, CHSC

Lou Gould

Lou Gould, CHSC is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your educational background? Lou:…

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PPE Fall Protection in North America


PPE Fall Protection: the early lanyard PPE Fall Protection devices were used in the early 20th Century by many professionals, although they used rope lanyards made of natural fibers, such as manila hemp, and simple body belts with no shock-absorbing…

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Get to know your Langley NDE Inspector, Chris Davies


Chris Davies is one of our talented Inspection Technicians in Langley, British Colombia who conducts non-destructive examinations (NDE). He has a wide-array of industry experience in both aviation and the oil and gas industries. We sat down with Chris to…

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Are the Technicians Inspecting your Gear Qualified?

LEEA Header

LEEA – Lifting Standards Worldwide™ Hercules Inspectors are LEEA trained nationally. LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association is the respected and authoritative representative body for those who work in every aspect of the industry, from design, manufacture, refurbishment and repair,…

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A Brief History of Elevator Wire Ropes

Elevator rope

The humble hoisting rope occupies a unique place in the history of vertical transportation. A simple hemp rope lies at the center of one of the best-known elevator stories — Elisha Graves Otis’ demonstration of his Improved Safety Device at…

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Safety Inspection: make your harness a habit


Safety Inspection: don’t fear the inspector We get it—no one likes a safety inspection. However, having fall arrest and other PPE inspected is a reality everyone in the industrial trades must face. Part of this fear comes from the thought…

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Stopping the Drop – Pioneer, Elisha Graves Otis


Elisha Graves Otis (August 3, 1811 – April 8, 1861) was an American industrialist, founder of the Otis Elevator Company and inventor of a safety device that prevents elevators from falling if the hoisting cable fails. Early years Otis was born in Halifax, Vermont, to…

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Discover Langley: advantages of non-destructive testing


What is Non-destructive Testing? Advantages of non-destructive testing are numerous. Non-destructive testing (commonly known as NDT) uses different methods to test, inspect and evaluate defects in materials or mediums without compromising the integrity of the product. Internal and external damages can…

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Rope Grab: 6 fall protection tips from Hercules SLR


Working at height? You have different options when it comes to connectors that aid in fall arrest and fall restraint—a rope grab is a popular option.  Rope grabs are a popular option because they’re often more cost-effective than SRLs (self-retracting…

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Hercules Training Academy: Non-destructive Testing


This week, 7 technicians from Ontario and Nova Scotia participated in non-destructive testing at the Hercules Training Academy in Dartmouth, NS. They focused on learning and improving Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Inspections, two of the most commonly-used forms of…

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Lifting and Rigging Equipment: lifting with eye bolts


Lifting and Rigging Equipment: select the right eye bolt There’s a lot of hardware to consider when researching lifting and rigging equipment. Links, hooks, swivels—today we’re talking eye bolts. Eye bolts are used to attach a securing eye to a structure,…

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Rigging Glossary: ABC’s of rigging, ‘A’ to ‘Crane’


Hercules SLR knows rigging, A through Z! There are many terms and regulating bodies to know and remember when it comes to securing, lifting and rigging—some commonly used in the industry, some not. Hercules SLR is here to help you…

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Confined Spaces: Choose the Best Fall Protection Equipment


Proper Fall Protection Equipment: stay safe in confined spaces We’ve given you tips for remaining safe in confined spaces and preventing injury—but how do you choose the best fall protection equipment to keep yourself and others safe? Read on and…

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Wire Rope: A Manufacturing & Transportation Pioneer


Early Life Andrew Smith Hallidie was born Andrew Smith, later adopting the name Hallidie in honour of his uncle, Sir Andrew Hallidie. His birthplace is variously quoted as London in the United Kingdom. His father, Andrew Smith (a prolific inventor in his own right,…

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Hercules’ Tips: Prevent Synthetic Round Sling Damage


We’ve discussed what to look for when assessing your synthetic round sling for damage—but how do you prevent damage from happening in the first place? Read on for essential tips to prolong the life of your synthetic round slings. First…

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Hercules’ Tips: Is your Safety Harness Comfortable?

safety harness from 3m at hercules slr

A safety harness is a necessary evil for many workers, working across many different industrial trades. We understand—nobody likes to be uncomfortable during their work day. However, proper equipment, like safety harnesses are key to getting the job one, reducing…

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Confined Spaces: Hercules’ Safety Tips

confined spaces safety training from hercules slr

What is a Confined Space? Confined spaces are present in nearly every industrial trade, and most workers will encounter at least one confined space during their career. The OSHA states that nearly 90 deaths occur per year, across a range…

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Hercules Training Academy: Securing, Lifting & Rigging


Hercules Training Academy: First Course Complete The Hercules Training Academy is open for training—last week Hercules was thrilled to have eight employees hailing from across Canada participate in our first ever training program. Employees from CSR, sales and management gathered…

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Synthetic Roundslings – Free Inspection Download Guide

bunched synthetic round sling by hercules slr

Synthetic roundslings are an integral part of heavy-lifting and rigging. Similarly, proper sling inspection is integral to ensure the job is done safely and properly. Read on to find out how to inspect your roundslings for use. Look and Feel…

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Rigging Talk – A Guide to Synthetic Slings

orange and blue synthetic round slings

A Guide to Synthetic Slings Synthetic slings are made from soft materials, but are strong enough to lift heavy loads and protect expensive and sensitive loads from scratches and crushing. Synthetic slings may well be the answer if you are…

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Cannabis: Beyond the Cultivating and Harvesting


Keeping you safe during cannabis manufacturing, growing and processing operations With the legalization of cannabis manufacturing, growing and processing operations by the Canadian government, licensed operators and workers in cannabis manufacturing operations will need to obey relevant health and safety…

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Talking Shackles – Know your Bow from your D


A shackle, also known as a gyve, is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. Below are a few of the more common types of shackles:…

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Leading and Sharp Edges – Fall Protection


Leading and sharp edges, what you need to know when It comes to fall protection. Professional football players need the best protective equipment available to stay safe on the playing field, from helmets to pads to mouth guards and beyond.…

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Construction of new homes has leaped 18% in 7 years


Quebec’s economy continues to boom, the number of residential construction projects in the province has increased by nearly 20 per cent since 2011. And it seems that more rental housing is being constructed than previous believed. For the first six…

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Forklift Safety – Top Tips for a Safe Workplace

chariot élévateur

The Forklift is an incredibly useful piece of equipment, used throughout many industries to enhance productivity, speed up processes and protect the health and safety of employees. But they can also be extremely dangerous, with thousands of forklift accidents every…

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Women in Industry – Angela Penton, Improving Processes


When Angela Penton returned to NSCC at 39, she’d already achieved success as a chef, a landscaper, a textile artist and a metalsmith. What she felt was missing, however, was a high school diploma. “I left high school a year…

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Forklift Field Modifications Practices


Between scratches, dents, and replaced parts, a forklift can undergo a lot of changes and repairs throughout its lifetime. It’s also common for customers to want to add additional features to a forklift after it arrives. How do you know…

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New Measures to Enhance Safety of Marine Navigation

Marine Navigation

The government of Canada is taking additional measures to help enhance safety of navigation and emergency response in Canadian waters. The measures were announced by Minister of Transport, the Honorable Marc Garneau in May, and awarded as part of Canada’s historic US…

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Women in Industry – Inspection Technician Heather Young


Heather Young is one of our Inspection Technicians here at Hercules SLR. We asked her some questions about herself and what made her decide to choose this career path. Tell us about your educational background? Heather: About 3 years ago…

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Get to Know Your Training Specialist – Kevin Giles CRSP

Training -Kevin-Giles

Kevin Giles, CRSP is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists and Safety Consultants. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your…

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HGC Collaborates With the CNIB ‘Phone It Forward’ Campaign

CNIB Phone it Forward

This October The Canadian National Institute of the Blind launched it’s CNIB Phone it Forward campaign, and Hercules SLR and Group of Companies was excited to be a part of it. Many people don’t realize the tremendous impact modern smartphones…

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Crane Hand Signals – Downloadable Reference Sheet


A crane operator can’t hear you. So when your team removes an old rooftop unit and positions a new one, the people on the ground and on the rooftop must use established hand signals to communicate safely with the crane…

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Fall Protection for Tools – Stop the Drop!


Fall Protection for Tools. Everything you need to stop the drop. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools makes work environments safer and more productive by drastically reducing falling object incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss.​​​​​ Their…

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Working Load Limit Vs. Breaking Strength

Working Load

When it comes to rigging like ratchet straps, winch straps, and just about any other type of strap in the industry, working load limit (WLL) and breaking strength are commonly used measuring metrics. Every piece of load-bearing wire or rigging equipment carries…

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Turnbuckles – Creating Tension in Multiple Industries


Turnbuckles, stretching screws or bottlescrews are a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. It normally consists of two threaded eye bolts, one screwed into each end of a small metal frame, one with a left-hand thread and the other with…

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Wire Rope Slings – Care and Maintenance


Terry Young, president of Construction Safety Experts, in the US, discusses identification, inspection and removal criteria for wire rope slings. The ASMEB30.9-2006 Standard requires wire rope slings to show the name or trademark of the manufacturer, diameter or size, number…

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Hercules Employees are Energized and Engaged


Hercules SLR provides our employees with an array of specialized and diverse functional careers with a focus on each employee’s long-term learning and growth. We hire and keep the best, and continually improve the skills and capabilities of individuals and…

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Get to Know Our Trainers: Steve Hache, CD


Steve Hache, CD is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your educational background? Steve:…

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Oh, Deer! Avoiding Wildlife on the Highway.


Important driving tips as peak season approaches Fall brings beautiful autumn colours and more wildlife onto Ontario’s roads – and a need for drivers to be extra vigilant. The number of animal strikes on Ontario roads has increased from 8,964…

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The Frankensling – Custom Solutions for Rigging Dilemmas


The Town of Oakville Marina in Ontario had a reoccurring problem raising and lowering the masts and sails of the vessels as they handled the boats. Due the large volume of craft, the variations in size and space, they needed…

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Aerial Work Platform an Overview of Safety Practices


Aerial Work Platforms (AWP’s) are generally used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance and construction work or by firefighters for emergency access, which distinguishes them from permanent access equipment such as elevators. They are designed to lift limited weights — usually less than a ton, although…

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Farewell to Sylvia as She Retires After 17 Years of Service

Sylvia Header

There will be less of a background hum in the Sewing Department at Hercules Dartmouth after tomorrow, as we bid farewell to a long serving, much valued employee Sylvia Marchand as she embarks on her well-earned retirement. By the end…

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Steel Wire Rope – How, Where, What and Why

steel wire rope

Steel wire rope is several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix forming a composite “rope”, in a pattern known as “laid rope”. Larger diameter wire rope consists of multiple strands of such laid rope in a pattern known…

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Toronto – More cranes than NYC and LA Combined


Toronto has more tower cranes decorating its skyline than New York City and Los Angeles combined. This summer, real estate consultant Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) released its third quarter crane index. The report is generated by counting cranes in major…

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Crane Work Wraps Up at New Winnipeg Towers

Crane Winnipeg

Huge Liebherr mobile crane may have been tallest ever seen in city In May, the skyline of downtown Winnipeg was changed significantly with the removal of the last tower crane on site at True North Square. Phase 1 of the…

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Columbus McKinnon Expands Hoist Offerings


SUPPLIER NEWS – Columbus McKinnon Corporation has expanded its offering of the unique CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoist and introduces its new Yale® YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire rope hoists. The CM Hurricane 360° Hand Chain Hoist The…

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Ingersoll Rand Makes Global Climate Commitment


Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, announced that a 1,990 kW GE Solar PV power system is now online and generating power at its 430,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Trenton, N.J. The solar…

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Skyscrapers – A History of Early High Rise Construction


The early skyscrapers were a range of tall, commercial buildings built between 1884 and 1939, predominantly in the American cities of New York City and Chicago. Cities in the United States were traditionally made up of low-rise buildings, but significant economic growth after the Civil War and increasingly intensive use of…

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Hoisting in Downtown Toronto? Advance Planning is Key


When it comes to hoisting HVAC and other heavy rooftop components onto downtown Toronto office towers, the lifts themselves take just a day or two. What makes it all work, however, is months of planning. A case in point: In…

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MSA Safety – New V-Series Energy-Absorbing Lanyards


Effective immediately, (Aug 16, 2018) new MSA CSA Z259.11-17 V-Series Energy-Absorbing Lanyards are replacing the Workman® and Sure-Stop® Energy-Absorbing Lanyards. The V-Series Lanyard is the latest addition to the MSA V-Series family of Fall Protection products.  With its new look, smaller energy…

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Underway: Port of St. John Modernization

Port of Saint John

Work on Port Saint John’s modernization project is underway with the initial tenders for the project released this summer. The massive project will expand the port’s annual container yard handling capacity from 125,000 TEU to 330,000 TEU. The project will…

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Ontario Investing in Projects to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Ontario Workplace Injuries

Ontario projects to address mobile equipment hazards, mental health Ontario is partnering with universities, professional associations and research groups on projects that will help support workplace mental health, advance our understanding of occupational diseases and prepare workers to deal with…

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Wire Rope Failures and Near Failures on Cranes

Crane fails

Wire rope and cranes are joined at the hip when endeavoring to lift, move or transport materials. For centuries the combination of rope (sisal, manila, vegetable, steel, synthetic…) and a winching system have stirred the imagination of engineers and other…

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Hercules Machining and Millwright Services

Hercules MMS

Since 1975, Hercules MMS (formerly Fundy Grinding) has been providing customers with quality machining and millwright services. Over time, the company has grown exponentially from providing these services locally to working across Canada and around the globe. We have the…

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Safety Fails! – OMG…LOL – Hercules SLR

Safety Fail

Just a bit of fun! Although we don’t recommend trying any of this….ever! Some Safety Fail memes to brighten your week!   Feel free to download and share! For more great content, be sure to follow our blog! New stuff added…

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Hercules Training Academy – Raising the Bar in Training

Hard hats

Did you know that our new Training Academy is just a few weeks away from opening its doors? Construction is underway! Brand new classrooms and specialized training equipment will enable us to provide an even higher quality of service than…

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Download Our Products and Services Brochure

digital download

At Hercules SLR we are always innovating and expanding our marketing to keep you better informed. We now have a wide range of marketing collateral that you can download and use as reference as to find out more about us…

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CM Technical Bulletin

columbus mckinnon

CM Hoist Technical Bulletin CM SERIES 622 HAND CHAIN HOIST REDESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE WITH DECREASED HEADROOM, EASIER LOAD ATTACHMENT AND LOWER PULL FORCE Columbus McKinnon is excited to announce the redesign of the CM Series 622 hand chain hoist. A simple,…

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Rigging Memes – Hercules SLR

Safety Fail

Just a bit of fun!  Some rigging memes to brighten your week!   Feel free to download and share! For more great content, be sure to follow our blog! New stuff added all the time!   FOR MORE INFORMATION ON…

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Professor Leo’s Forklift Safety Tips – Hercules SLR

Forklift tips

Meet Professor Leo, he is Hercules SLR’s very own ‘top tips’ guy. Today Leo has 8 tips to make sure you stay safe when operating a forklift! Feel free to download and share! For more great content, be sure to…

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Rigging and Safety Quotes Series 1 – Hercules SLR

Rope quote

When it comes to work and workplace safety, nothing conveys the message better than a few well chosen words in a quote!  Feel free to download and share! For more great content, be sure to follow our blog! New stuff added all…

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Samson Case Study: Svitzer A/S Adopts Samson Fusion-12 Lines

Tug boat

BACKGROUND As part of the Maersk Group of companies, Svitzer A/S is the largest towage and salvage company in the world, operating more than 430 vessels and employing over 4,000 associates globally and has adopted Samson Ropes. From Europe, the…

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