Hercules SLR Rigging at the Winter Wonder Forest

Hercules SLR Rigging at the Winter Wonder Forest Our Hercules SLR Leduc team is happy to have had the opportunity to support The Winter Wonder Forest this year, donating materials and labour to assist in them getting some portions of…

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3M INSPECTION NOTICE – IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED Posted: August 31, 2020 3M™ PROTECTA® Rebel Self Retracting Lifeline (CSA Versions) Read on for an important 3M Fall Protection inspection notice – 3M™ Fall Protection has identified a potential manufacturing issue with…

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Air Miles® Now Available at Stellar Industrial

AIR MILES® Now Available at Stellar Industrial That’s right – you can now collect AIR MILES® REWARD MILES on all in-store or online Stellar Industrial purchases! Now you can collect AIR MILES® REWARD MILES while shopping at Hercules SLR, Spartan…

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We are Open | Hercules Training Academy

Hercules Training Academy remains open during these unprecedented times. As always, your safety is our priority. We are adhering to the emergency measures put in place by our provincial governments and health advisories to keep you safe in class as…

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Covid-19 | Your Safety is Our Priority

We are committed to keeping your business running during this unprecedented time. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are taking special measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and community. The Hercules Group of Companies remains…

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Product Cleaning Guidance | Portable Gas Detection Instruments

Brief Issue Date: March 23, 2020 – Download For COVID-19, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of cleaning products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims. CDC refers to List N on the EPA…

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Rigging in Space | SpaceX Uses Crosby 

Rigging in Space: SpaceX Uses Crosby  Rocket science—Pushing the boundaries between new technology and old technology. Whether you’re familiar with the ins and outs of rocket science or not, you probably have some idea of its complexity. Rocket science has…

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Employee Spotlight: Olivia Whidden, CSR

hercules slr customer service representative in new brunswick

Get to Know Olivia Whidden, CSR in Moncton, NB Get to know the team at Hercules SLR in Moncton, New Brunswick! Meet Olivia Whidden, a Customer Service Representative (and newlywed!) who’s recently joined the team at our Moncton branch. When…

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#HercAtWork: Madison Parkin, Inside/Outside Sales

worker standing by fall protection equipment

New #HercAtWork Alert: Meet Madison Parkin, Inside/Outside Sales  Meet Madison Parkin! Madison Parkin has just joined the Hercules SLR team in Sarnia, Ontario as our Inside/Outside Sales Representative. Read on to learn a little bit more about Madison & discover…

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3M Stop Use & Recall Notice – Immediate Action Required

Stop Use & Recall Notice IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED   3M Fall Protection announces an immediate stop use and product recall of the 3M™ DBI-SALA® Nano-Lok™ edge and Wrap Back Twin-Leg Self Retracting Lifelines. The twin-leg Nano-Lok edge is part of…

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Grip Safe Locking Hook by Yoke gets Safety Boost

yoke grip safe locking hook x-95x series

Product Feature: YOKE Grip Safe Locking Hook Offers Safe Rigging  Feature found on X-950-10 and X-951-10 Yoke Grip-Safe Locking Hooks. Riggers in the field instantly recognize the safety features of the YOKE Grip Safe hooks for hoisting and rigging applications.…

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EVENT: Rigger’s Rescue in Moncton & St. John NB

rigging clinic in new brunswick

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Rigger’s Rescue Clinic in New Brunswick           We’re spreading Rigger’s Rescue all over! Rigger’s Rescue is heading to St. John & Moncton, New Brunswick on July 17 and 18, from 10AM to…

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Out of the World Lifts: SLR Helps Radarsat Constellation Mission

radarstat constellation mission

Lifting Out of this World: Hercules SLR Helps RADARSAT Constellation Mission Hercules SLR is committed to safety at every level—Even in outer space. On Wednesday, June 12, SpaceX launched the RADARSAT Constellation Mission from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) from…

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Inspection Notice: MSA PFL/SRL Rivets—2.4m & 2.7 m V-Edge™ Cable PFL , 6m V-Edge™ Cable SRL

industrial workers wearing msa safety ppe

Inspection Notice: MSA PFL/SRL Rivets   MSA is issuing an Inspection Notice to inform you they have identified isolated instances of unflared top eyelet rivets in MSA V-Edge 2.4m Twin Leg Cable PFL. MSA has not received any reports of…

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Learn to Rig it Right in Hamilton, ON: Meet Trainer Steve Hache

hercuels slr rigging trainer steve hache

Meet your Hercules SLR Trainer, Steve Hache CD Get ready for our first-ever two-day training course, ‘Fundamentals of Rigging’ at Hercules SLR in Hamilton, Ontario. Time to meet the teacher—Steve Hache, CD is one of our experience Training Specialists and…

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NEW! Train with the Best in Hamilton, Ontario

rigging course, fundamentals of rigging in hamilton ontario

NEW! Train with the Best in Hamilton, Ontario Learn the skills to life safely, securely & efficiently at the Rigging Fundamentals course at Hercules SLR in Brampton, Ontario on July 15 and 16 from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Join our all-day,…

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Get to Know your National Program Manager, Lisa Barkhouse

hercules slr program manager

Get to Know your National Program Manager, Lisa Barkhouse What’s it like to be the National Program Manager at Hercules SLR? We talk to Lisa Barkhouse, who trains and develops learning programs for Hercules SLR branches across Canada.  We sit…

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CM Guest Blog | The Twenty Year Rule

cm cranes and hoisting equipment

CM ON THE TWENTY YEAR RULE CM knows it can be easy to fall into the ‘twenty year rule’ trap—but what is it? Read on for tips from Columbus McKinnon (CM) on why some rules actually are made to be broken.  Their…

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Product Spotlight | Vulcan ETOP from Samson Rope

Product Spotlight | Vulcan ETOP from Samson Rope Today, the Hercules SLR spotlight is on the Vulcan ETOP from Samson Rope. WHAT’S AN EMERGENCY TOW-OFF PENDANT?  An emergency tow-off pendant (ETOP) is often referred to as a ‘fire wire’. They’re…

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How we Make a HUGE Wire Rope Sling in Hamilton, Ontario

spools to make wire rope sling

HOW HERCULES SLR IN HAMILTON, ONTARIO MAKES A GIGANTIC WIRE ROPE SLING What are we up to at Hercules SLR in Hamilton, Ontario? We’re making big things – a big wire rope sling, specifically.   Check out these shots of Bryan…

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LEEA Training at Hercules SLR: Teaching with an Edge

leea training with crane on skyscraper

Hercules SLR is a full LEEA member, and it’s important for us to stay up-to-date with industry trends, education and certifications, like LEEA training.  LEEA TRAINING | WHAT’S LEEA? So, what’s LEEA training? LEEA is the Lifting Equipment Engineer’s Association,…

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April 28, Day of Mourning: Fight for the Living, Mourn for the Dead

APRIL 28, DAY OF MOURNING | ABOUT Every year in Canada, April 28 is the Day of Mourning. This is to commemorate workers who have lost their life, been injured or made ill at work. The Day of Mourning has…

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | CM Hurricane 360 °

cm hurricane 360 hand chain hoist by columbus mckinnon

THE CM HURRICANE 360 TACKLES THE MOST CHALLENGING APPLICATIONS One of the most versatile hand chain hoists yet is the CM Hurricane 360. Unlike traditional hand chain hoists; the CM Hurricane 360° may be used in any direction due to…

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Why Workplace Culture Matters | #HercAtWork

FUN AT WORK: WHY WORKPLACE CULTURE MATTERS  Fun at work is important, and this is one of the reasons why workplace culture matters — Seriously. We’ve went over our passion for safety before, but we’re also passionate about fun. Why…

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IMPORTANT | Inspection Notice – 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Harnesses

3m dbi-sala and protecta logo

    3M INSPECTION NOTICE Read on for an important 3M Fall Protection inspection notice – 3M Fall Protection has learned of the possibility of a manufacturing defect in a dorsal d-ring of ExoFit NEX™ harnesses manufactured between January 2016…

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Women of Industry | Meet Josée, VSL Territory Sales Manager

Women of Industry | Meet Ville St. Laurent Territory Sales Manager, Josée Verrette Hercules SLR celebrates women of industry at work and on our blog—Check it out and learn more about our Territory Sales Manager Josée Verrette, and her role…

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Heavy Lifting with Hercules SLR | How we Lift More than a Million

820-ton splitter vessel alberta

You might have heard about the Splitter vessel that recently travelled from Fort Saskatchewan from Edmonton and was the biggest load to ever travel on Alberta’s streets and provincial highways.  The vessel, called a Splitter, will be installed at the Heartland…

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Crane Service: Lifting you in Sudbury, Ontario

What makes our crane service so special in Sudbury, Ontario? We do it all. Our team of crane technicians in Sudbury, Ontario grew from two to five within months, and business is boomin’—They’re a small team, with big goals. Cranes…

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Inspection Technician Careers: Hiring in Brampton, Ontario

INSPECTION TECHNICIAN CAREERS | WE’RE LOOKING FOR AN INSPECTOR IN BRAMPTON, ONTARIO We’re looking for an Inspection Technician in Brampton, Ontario—Is a career as an Inspector right for you? Read on and find out. One of the most exciting parts…

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Under Construction: Building Safety Culture at Hercules SLR

Hercules SLR has been building a safety culture for over 45 years—Yes, we literally got here by playing it safe. When it comes to rigging, Hercules SLR does it all, and we does it safely. How do we build a…

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Women in Industry: Adriana Martin, Branch Manager Talks Securing & Safety in Sudbury

What’s it like to be a women in industry? You’re about to find out. We talk to Sudbury, Ontario Branch Manager, Adriana Martin about being a woman in the securing, rigging & lifting industry, her advice for young women hoping…

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Women with Skill: Kelly Baird-Pestell talks Rigging Industry & Teamwork

Kelly Baird-Pestell is our Territory Sales Manager from Sudbury, Ontario and she’s worked in and around the rigging industry for most of her career—just because she’s behind-the-scenes, doesn’t mean her hands don’t get dirty. Read on to learn more about…

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Welcome to Hamilton, Ontario: Meet Jim Case, Rigger

RIGGING WITH OVER 15 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE: JIM CASE INTERVIEW There’s so much experience to be found at Hercules SLR – today, we sit down with Associate Rigger Jim Case (he has over 15 years’ experience!) to discuss some cool projects…

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Safety at Stake: New MSA V-SERIES™ Fall Protection

msa v-series

A BIG DAY FOR HARNESS WEARERS  The MSA V-SERIES harness line is now available!  Introducing the V-FLEX™, V-FIT™, and V-FORM™—each designed for your comfort and safety needs. Focus on your work instead of your harness. Why V-SERIES? We have three…

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Fly Away! Earn Air Miles­® Bonus Miles at Hercules SLR

air miles bonus miles at hercules slr

FLY AWAY WITH HERCULES SLR! | ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 1000 AIR MILES® BONUS MILES Time for a getaway? Hercules SLR wants to help! Head into any of our locations across Canada and enter our contest for a…

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Yes, Sitting at Your Desk Can Cause Injury: Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

February 29th doesn’t happen each year – this is why we celebrate Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day on the last day of February, a “non-repetitive” day. Repetitive Strain Injuries are also known as musculoskeletal disorders.  Why exactly do we celebrate…

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Columbus McKinnon Guest Blog: CM Experts Talk Load Securement

Columbus McKinnon (CM) creates popular, durable hoisting equipment for rigging like the Bandit, and Loadstar—Today, we have a two part piece by two rigging experts from CM on the Hercules SLR talking load securement, and the benefit of ratchet binders…

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Change is Coming: New & Improved CertTracker Asset Management

certtracker asset management

NEW & IMPROVED! CERTTRACKER ASSET MANAGEMENT  A few changes are coming to our CertTracker asset management service – all good, of course. This month, CertTracker is switching platforms to offer our customers better service and more secure management for your…

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CROSBY QUIZ: Can you Pass this Hook Inspection Quiz?

crosby quiz, hoist hook inspection at hercules slr

CROSBY HOOK HOIST INSPECTION TAKE THE CROSBY QUIZ So you think you know how to inspect a hoist hook? Prove it. Take the Crosby Quiz and find out if you’re a  pro at inspecting hooks for hoisting, or if you…

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ISO 9001: What does it mean in the Supply Chain?

As someone who is involved in the selection of suppliers and, possibly, responsible for making purchasing decisions, you may have seen or used products and services that are promoted using reference to ISO 9001:2015, or, more simply, “ISO 9000”. What…

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NEW: Hercules SLR ‘Specials’ Page

specials at hercules slr

NEW from Hercules SLR – amazing specials and an easy place to find them.  We released our Winter flyer in December – but the deals don’t stop there. Hercules SLR has launched a new page called ‘Specials’, so you can find…

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Meet your Hercules SLR Inspector, Quincy Warner

inspector from hercules slr

Quincy Warner is a qualified inspector at Hercules SLR in Hamilton, Ontario. Read on to learn more about his career path in safety and inspections and Hercules SLR.  We sit down with Quincy to talk about his duties as Inspector…

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Sling Inspection Checklist: Hercules How-To

sling inspection checklist

SLING INSPECTION CHECKLIST Sling inspection is an important part of a rigger’s daily routine – here’s a sling inspection checklist to make life easier. Check out our sling inspection checklist that includes removal criteria to know when your sling should be…

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Guest Blog: Crosby Talks Forged Wire Rope Clips VS. Malleable Cast Iron Clips

crosby wire rope clips at hercules slr

FORGED STEEL WIRE ROPE CLIPS VS. MALLEABLE CAST IRON CLIPS What’s the difference between wire rope clips? Guest blogger Danny Bishop, Director of Training for Crosby stopped by Hercules SLR is here to share some information about the difference between…

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Star Struck in Hamilton: Kevin Richardson from Heavy Rescue 401

heavy rescue 401 visits hercules

The Hercules SLR branch in Hamilton, Ontario had a special visitor stop by – Kevin Richardson from the hit Discovery Channel show, Heavy Rescue 401. Read on to find out what he and the Hamilton branch in Hercules SLR got…

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Samson Introduces: Innovative Running Rigging Lines

samson rope rigging lines at hercules slr

INTRODUCING: NEW RUNNING RIGGING LINES FROM SAMSON ROPE  Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance rope continues to introduce innovations in sailing, with rigging lines that are stronger, easier to splice and highly responsive. Samson is pleased to introduce a breakthrough…

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Happy New Year from Hercules SLR


Happy New Year from Hercules SLR! We want to thank our hard-working team, partners, clients and customers for a wonderful 2018 – we can’t wait to move forward in 2019 with our team and exciting new projects. We were pretty…

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CM Guest Blog: 3 Safety Tips to Install your CM Trolley


Read on to discover tips from rigging and load securing experts at Columbus McKinnon – today, they’re sharing their top three safety tips to remember when you install your CM trolley. Whether it’s a hoist, trolley or rigging equipment, proper…

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Rigging Services: 3 securing tips to lift you anywhere


Rigging Services So you’ve got a difficult load to move – whether it’s due to an awkward shape, uneven weight or hard to determine lift points, Hercules SLR rigging services will lift you where you need to be. We don’t…

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Chain Sling Wear and Stretch: Are They the Same?

chain-sling-wear-stretch-difference-Chain Sling Wear and Stretch: Are They the Same?-hercules-slr

Read on to learn the difference between chain sling wear and stretch, from our guest bloggers CM. Chain Sling Wear & Stretch: what’s the difference? Frédéric, a mechanical engineer who works for a Canadian public utility company, in the auxiliary…

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Get to Know your Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin

training courses at hercules slr

Today, we sat down with Quebec Hercules SLR Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin. We’re proud to have managers with a wide-array of industry experience and hands-on training. Marc has worked in both the mechanical and financial industries, and works at Hercules…

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Behind-the-Scenes: Life of a Slingmaster Sling


A SlingMaster sling lives a short,  but full life. We’ve covered the less-talked about non-destructive testing here  and here – but what exactly does destructive testing look like, and why do we use it? Destructive testing is the process used to…

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A Happy Holiday from Hercules SLR

Rigging Christmas

Seasons greetings and a happy holiday from Hercules SLR, your Canadian rigging team! As the new year approaches, we want to extend warm wishes and a big thank you to our clients, partners, our team & their families this holiday…

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Bird-Caging, Never Saddle a Dead Horse and Singing: huh?

rigging terms, jargon by hercules slr

Rigging Slang In the rigging and lifting industry, you’ll probably hear a lot of rigging slang thrown around – “don’t saddle a dead horse!”, bird-caging, cabling, diving, drum-crushing, end-for-ended, singing and more – but what do they all mean? Here’s…

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35 Years: Hercules celebrates industry expert Dwayne Fader

Dwayne Fader

Today, we had the honour to celebrate one of our long-standing employees, Dwayne Fader, and his 35th year at Hercules SLR. Dwayne truly ‘knows the ropes’ of this industry – he’s gone from splicing wire rope, where he transitioned to…

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CCOHS Forum 2019: Changing World of Work Explored

Forum: 2019 Changing World of Worksafety-conference

A wise person once said, “safety doesn’t happen by accident.” This is why the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety will hold it’s 6th conference, called Forum: 2019 The Changing World of Work, which they host every few years. This…

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Herc How-To: avoid these common rigging mistakes


The rigging trade serves many industries, however, there are many common rigging mistakes workers make daily. Rigging is to set a load up to move, lift, secure, lower or hoist with the use of ropes, chains, slings, hoists and other…

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NEWS: planning is essential in confined spaces

confined space training by hercules slr

Confined spaces—we’ve discussed the dangers of working in confined spaces, confined space training and the importance of choosing the right fall protection equipment on our blog before. On Tuesday, November 20, in Uruguay, two shoreshide dock workers died and two…

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Watch: Hang Glider Travels Without Safety Harness

Hang glider

In recent safety news, a tourist from the United States decided to go hang gliding for the first time during a vacation in Switzerland—and was in for a huge surprise. Chris Gursky and his wife Gail take a vacation to…

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Steel Cable: market growth driven by automotive industry


The steel cable or wire rope market expects to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.2% in the coming period heading into 2023, reports PR Newswire. Wire rope or steel cable provides strength, flexibility and has many…

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Aircraft Maintenance: rigging service leads market growth


The aircraft maintenance industry projects to grow from USD 19.23 billion in 2018, to 23.5 billion by 2023, with a 4.10% CAGR from 2018 to 2022. Rigging service is a main segment driving market growth for the aviation maintenance industry.…

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Rigging Hardware We Love: Crosby® 4-50 clip applications

Rigging hardware is essential to our daily jobs—today, the spotlight is on the G-450 (Red-U-Bolt®) and SS-450 (316 Stainless Steel) Crosby clips. Read on to discover application tips and specifications for the 450 Crosby clips. Efficiency Ratings Efficiency ratings for…

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Construction Safety Tips: secure your worksite

Construction safety: a growing need Construction safety—this looks different to many people. Whether it’s wearing safety glasses, full PPE or never working at the sight of rain, safety standards are rarely the same for all workers or worksites. The construction…

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Discover Langley: advantages of non-destructive testing

What is Non-destructive Testing? Advantages of non-destructive testing are numerous. Non-destructive testing (commonly known as NDT) uses different methods to test, inspect and evaluate defects in materials or mediums without compromising the integrity of the product. Internal and external damages can…

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Tool Fall Protection: More Important than you Think


Tool Fall Protection: confidence at heights During Summer 2018, in Providence, Rhode Island ironworkers strapped on their fall protection – tool fall protection included, to start work on a major project. “That guy’s nuts!” exclaims Steven Strychasz, a nearby civilian watching…

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Hercules SLR: DBI-SALA® ExoFit STRATA™ Body Harness


Body Harness: Why are they so Uncomfortable? Comfort is one of the main reasons workers don’t wear proper fall-protection equipment, or a body harness. Yet falls are the leading cause of death in construction, and compliance with safety standards is…

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Hercules’ Tips: Is your Safety Harness Comfortable?

A safety harness is a necessary evil for many workers, working across many different industrial trades. We understand—nobody likes to be uncomfortable during their work day. However, proper equipment, like safety harnesses are key to getting the job one, reducing…

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New: MSA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

self contained breathing apparatus by msa at hercules slr

A new, first-of-its-kind, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), named the M1 SCBA by MSA was unveiled in September of this year. Before this, respiratory protection for firefighters was unvarying, and this was the industry norm. However, fire stations have different needs.…

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New: SRS Mercury Climbing Line from Samson Rope

Samson rope, the worldwide leader in high-performance rope has just released a new static climbing line named Mercury, best used for Single Rope Systems (SRS) and rescue and access application.  This new SRS rope contains kernmantle construction, made up of…

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Quality Alert: Seat Sling for 3M ExoFit ™ Harnesses

3m exofit harness at hercules slr

The following affects select ExoFit ™ harnesses manufactured from June 2017 to the end of May 2018.  3M Fall Protection has received reports that the aluminum reinforcement plate used in the seat sling on certain DBI-SALA ExoFit ™, ExoFit XP™…

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Lights, Camera Action: Kito TNER Theater Hoist


Timely maintenance and repair work on stage equipment at major entertainment events is now a thing of the past. The Harrington TNER by Kito was designed to specifically address some of the major maintenance items that were previously problematic in the…

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Hercules Training Academy: Employees Learn the Industry

hercules training academy outdoor rigging

Hercules Training Academy was thrilled to host our employees from across Canada at the new Hercules’ Training Academy at Wire Rope Industries (Atlantic) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to participate in the first specialized training course for securing, lifting and rigging.…

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10 Construction Industry Trends 2018/19


Keeping on top of new and emerging trends in the construction industry not only helps keep your company from falling behind, but it helps you prepare for the future. This year has been an interesting year, with many changes to…

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Crosby Loves Hooks with Latches – Standards & Safety


Crane Operator Crushed Between Two Steel Frames When Rigging Failed The operator of an overhead crane had been using a chain sling attached to the hook of the crane, and was setting it up into a single choker hitch to…

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CM Expands Range of Synthetic Slings Attachments


Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of motion control products, technologies and services for material handling, has expanded its portfolio of rigging attachments for synthetic slings to include CM Quick Connect Hooks, CM Flat Eye Rigging Hooks and…

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LEEA News – LiftEx Industry Event 2018


Lifting industry event LiftEx 2018, organised by the UK’s Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), will take place at the Arena MK in Milton Keynes on 14-15 November. The show is in its 14th year and, according to LEEA, provides a…

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Hercules SLR at the Sable Strategic Leadership Workshop


John Shillington, Hercules SLR Branch Manager and Offshore Technician, had everyone’s attention yesterday at the Sable Strategic Leadership Workshop held in Halifax. John presented some of the initiatives his team is taking to prolong the life and ensure the safe…

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New Measures to Enhance Safety of Marine Navigation

Marine Navigation

The government of Canada is taking additional measures to help enhance safety of navigation and emergency response in Canadian waters. The measures were announced by Minister of Transport, the Honorable Marc Garneau in May, and awarded as part of Canada’s historic US…

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Reminder: Prepare Now for Upcoming Ingersoll Rand® LCA and LCH Parts Retirement

liftchain hook

Reminder: Prepare Now for Upcoming Ingersoll Rand® LCA and LCH Parts Retirement Please plan now to prepare for the discontinuation of parts for the Ingersoll Rand® Liftchain hook LCA and LCH products lines, effective Dec. 31, 2018. Despite their discontinuation in…

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools


Taking gravity out of the equation with an expanded lineup of  3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools With over 27,000 recorded incidents of people being struck by falling objects each year in Canada, dropped objects prevention planning helps prevent personal…

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HGC Collaborates With the CNIB ‘Phone It Forward’ Campaign

CNIB Phone it Forward

CNIB Phone it Forward (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube This October The Canadian National Institute of the Blind launched it’s CNIB Phone it Forward campaign, and Hercules SLR and Group of Companies was excited to be a part of…

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MSA Press Release – New Jet Style Firefighter Helmet


FROM: MSA (MSA Safety Incorporated) New “Jet-Style” Firefighter Helmet from MSA Now Certified to NFPA Performance Standards Shipments of New Helmet to Begin Immediately PITTSBURGH, September 26, 2018 – Global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA) today announced…

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Wire Rope Slings – Care and Maintenance

Terry Young, president of Construction Safety Experts, in the US, discusses identification, inspection and removal criteria for wire rope slings. The ASMEB30.9-2006 Standard requires wire rope slings to show the name or trademark of the manufacturer, diameter or size, number…

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Lifting Industrial Equipment Market is Estimated to Grow

Lifting Industry growth

The industrial lifting equipment market is estimated to grow from USD 63.96 billion in 2018 to reach USD 79.73 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 4.51% between 2018 and 2023. The key driving factors for the growth of the…

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Hercules Employees are Energized and Engaged


Hercules SLR provides our employees with an array of specialized and diverse functional careers with a focus on each employee’s long-term learning and growth. We hire and keep the best, and continually improve the skills and capabilities of individuals and…

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CM Tornado 360° Lever Hoist 9T Capacity Available Now


The revolutionary CM Tornado 360° is now available in 9-ton capacities – growing the Tornado 360° family that includes 3/4, 1-1/2, 3 and 6 ton units. Featuring the one-of-a-kind Sidewinder lever handle, the CM Tornado 360° allows for efficient operation in…

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifelines

smart lock

Magnetic intelligence. Smarter retraction, smoother reaction. 3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifelines Unlock your productivity. From reducing unintentional lockups,*  to simplifying inspections, every detail of the new 3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifelines is designed to help increase your productivity and…

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Hercules to the Rescue At Voisey Nickel Mine


Mid-September, Noah Hawes and Barry Young from the Inspections Department of Hercules SLR Dartmouth, ventured to the isolated Nickel Mine of Voisey Bay in Labrador Newfoundland where in 1993, a large nickel deposit was discovered in the hills along the western shore…

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Get to Know Our Trainers: Steve Hache, CD


Steve Hache, CD is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path. Tell us about your educational background? Steve:…

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7 Major Trends That Will Impact the Construction Industry


The construction industry is always changing and evolving. Every year new trends appear within the industry, from technological advancements to a stronger focus on sustainability. If you run a construction company and you want to make sure you stay ahead…

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Crane & Rigging Companies join Forces for Lifting Project


Omega Morgan crane superintendent Eldon Ash and senior engineer Kai Farrar, as well as Apex Steel owner Kevin Koester and engineer Ron Roberts, were tasked with an intriguing and complicated lifting challenge. More than a year of planning, engineering, testing…

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New Safety Legislation for Alberta’s Agriculture Sector

Safety System

A new legislation will soon require Alberta farmers to ensure their farms are equipped with proper safety plans. Emergency response, fall protection, and hazard assessments are just some of the plans that will be implemented to ensure worker safety on…

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Netherlands Builds the First Road Made from 100% Plastic


Three industry giants are joining forces to make the PlasticRoad, a road made of 100% recycled plastic from the ocean, becomes a reality. KWS, in collaboration with Wavin and Total combined their knowledge, experience, and resources to build the first…

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Elk Series – Quick-Maintenance Hoists from Ingersoll Rand


Ingersoll Rand has launched the Elk Series electric chain hoist, designed to be lightweight and accessible enough to be serviced while still mounted at the facility, cutting downtime. The three key features that make this possible are an external motor…

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Investment Puts Belfast at Heart of Hi-Tech Coal Industry


Investments totaling £30M by Northern Ireland-based LCC Group and Belfast Harbour have put the city at the centre of the global supply chain for hi-tech coal. Since opening last year, LCC’s £12M facility has handled almost 500,000 tonnes of processed…

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Construction Industry Draws $1.3 Billion in Venture Capital


In a bid to digitize building trades, investors have already bet big on the transformative power of new startups Move over meal deliveries and mobility startups: The construction industry has become a new focal point for venture capital funds and…

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The Frankensling – Custom Solutions for Rigging Dilemmas


The Town of Oakville Marina in Ontario had a reoccurring problem raising and lowering the masts and sails of the vessels as they handled the boats. Due the large volume of craft, the variations in size and space, they needed…

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Rope & Sling (RSS) Donates Rigging Gear for Boat Lift


Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) UK donated lifting and rigging gear to the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre in East London as the charity had a requirement to lift a 2.5t rescue support boat out of the River Thames…

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Innovation & Technology Rush in the Oil Sands

Oil Sands

Oil sands operators and suppliers alike are trying to find ways to reduce operations costs and cut emissions By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco Dozens of emerging technologies for almost every facet of oil sands production could be paving the way for solutions to the…

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Toronto – More cranes than NYC and LA Combined


Toronto has more tower cranes decorating its skyline than New York City and Los Angeles combined. This summer, real estate consultant Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) released its third quarter crane index. The report is generated by counting cranes in major…

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Crane Work Wraps Up at New Winnipeg Towers

Crane Winnipeg

Huge Liebherr mobile crane may have been tallest ever seen in city In May, the skyline of downtown Winnipeg was changed significantly with the removal of the last tower crane on site at True North Square. Phase 1 of the…

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Loadshackle Supports Research at ITC Championship


A 6.5t capacity wireless loadshackle from Straightpoint, which is based on a Crosby G2130 shackle, was used to measure loads during competitors’ climbs at this year’s International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC). The competition took place this summer at the U.S.…

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Columbus McKinnon Expands Hoist Offerings


SUPPLIER NEWS – Columbus McKinnon Corporation has expanded its offering of the unique CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoist and introduces its new Yale® YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire rope hoists. The CM Hurricane 360° Hand Chain Hoist The…

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Ingersoll Rand Makes Global Climate Commitment


Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, announced that a 1,990 kW GE Solar PV power system is now online and generating power at its 430,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Trenton, N.J. The solar…

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MSA Safety – New V-Series Energy-Absorbing Lanyards


Effective immediately, (Aug 16, 2018) new MSA CSA Z259.11-17 V-Series Energy-Absorbing Lanyards are replacing the Workman® and Sure-Stop® Energy-Absorbing Lanyards. The V-Series Lanyard is the latest addition to the MSA V-Series family of Fall Protection products.  With its new look, smaller energy…

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Ontario Investing in Projects to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Ontario Workplace Injuries

Ontario projects to address mobile equipment hazards, mental health Ontario is partnering with universities, professional associations and research groups on projects that will help support workplace mental health, advance our understanding of occupational diseases and prepare workers to deal with…

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Recall Field Service Action 16 Ft. Talon™ 3M SLR’s

Recall Header Image

RECALL – IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED 3M™ DBI-SALA® 16 Foot Talon™ Self Retracting Lifeline Only Affects Lot Codes 12092430 through 18062730 September 12, 2018 Stop Use & Recall Field Service Action. 3M Fall Protection has detected a small quantity of DBI-SALA®…

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PPE during cleanup of wildfire debris – 3M Bulletin

PPE Header Image

Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the aftermath of a wildfire is a critical component in the safe cleanup of fire debris. Selection of PPE depends on both anticipated hazards and the tasks to be performed. In residential…

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MSA Summer Of Safety Promo

MSA Safety Training

Stay Safe and Save BIG! We are excited to announce that Hercules SLR and MSA Safety have partnered up to create a fantastic ‘Summer of Safety’ promotional event. From now until the end of September you can take advantage of…

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Samson releases First-Ever Sustainability Report


FERNDALE, WA (August 9, 2018) — Sharing the belief that every business can improve their social, economic, and environmental bottom line, Samson is pleased to announce the release of their first annual Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report reinforces Samson’s commitment to people, community,…

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LEEA Trained Inspectors


How qualified are the technicians inspecting your gear? When it comes to inspections, testing, repairs and certification, you need to know that you and your equipment are in safe and experienced hands.   At Hercules all our inspectors are being…

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Air Miles News

Air miles

Get AIR MILES ® REWARD MILES when you purchase products from Hercules SLR. WHY GET MILES? From airfare to accommodation and merchandise, MILES* can be used for hundreds of great rewards*. Start getting Miles today. PAYING WITH CASH, DEBIT OR…

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Download Our Products and Services Brochure

At Hercules SLR we are always innovating and expanding our marketing to keep you better informed. We now have a wide range of marketing collateral that you can download and use as reference as to find out more about us…

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CM Technical Bulletin

columbus mckinnon

CM Hoist Technical Bulletin CM SERIES 622 HAND CHAIN HOIST REDESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE WITH DECREASED HEADROOM, EASIER LOAD ATTACHMENT AND LOWER PULL FORCE Columbus McKinnon is excited to announce the redesign of the CM Series 622 hand chain hoist. A simple,…

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Samson Case Study: Svitzer A/S Adopts Samson Fusion-12 Lines

Tug boat

BACKGROUND As part of the Maersk Group of companies, Svitzer A/S is the largest towage and salvage company in the world, operating more than 430 vessels and employing over 4,000 associates globally and has adopted Samson Ropes. From Europe, the…

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