Hercules SLR builds every mold lifter to our customers’ unique specifications, so they always meet (or exceed!) your expectations.

The Hercules SLR benefit? We’ve manufactured effective, dependable & durable mold lifters for 25 years to some of the top automotive and consumer-packaging companies.

Our ability to custom-make a bespoke solution for a specific problem makes a mold lifter that help your lifting necessities become seamless. Every day we make tailored equipment, so we know how to make the right kit, for the right job. Trust our expertise and experience—Reach out to see how we can help you.

Through this expertise and close consultation with your tooling engineers, you can be sure your mold lifter will be highly customized for precision performance and the lift eye will be strategically placed to ensure a level lift for easy placement into the molding press. The lifter will be attached to the core or cavity side, eliminating both the need for and the complications caused by rigging hardware.

What’s more, you can count on our mold lifter, mold lifter mechanisms and injection mold lifter designs to give exceptional durability, since we manufacture each one with care using high-strength alloy steel. We also conduct heat treatment and fully magnetic particle inspections for a larger mold lifter with a capacity of up to 100 000 lbs. The result is the most dependable and hard working mold lifters available anywhere.

Welded Assembly for Larger Capacity

Welded Bridge for Larger Capacity

Single Machined Piece for Vertical Lifting

C Frame for Overhead Cranes

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