Hercules SLR has the widest selection of tong sizes because we build our tongs to your specifications. Plus, we can incorporate special features, like automatic or manual latches, minimum and/or maximum opening stops, handles and extra pad points. In short, we supply the lifting tongs you need to lift whatever you want to lift, from a nail to a car. That’s a promise few other manufacturers can match.
Lifting tongs are essential for safety, simplicity and efficiency. so we know the value of having lifting tongs made specifically for your company. For many years we have custom made tongs for our valued customers and our expertise and experience makes all the difference. We extensively test and certify each tong to meet government and industry standards. So you can always depend on us to provide you with the industry’s safest, most durable lifting tongs, all custom built for you.

Pressure Tongs

Pressure tongs require a grip ratio along with pad or point material specifically selected for the product being lifted. Straight sided products must have a sufficient coefficient of friction between the product and the gripping pads to ensure a safe lift.

Supporting Tongs

Supporting tongs are designed and limited to lifting a specific sized product. Maintaining the lifting feet on a horizontal plane is imperative to ensure full surface contact between the product and the tong lifting feet.

Gripping Tongs

Gripping tongs are specifically designed for handling cylindrical products by gripping the product around the outside diameter above and below the product center line ensuring support and a positive holding advantage.