Choosing a harness
Look for quality in these features when choosing a harness.

1 Dorsal connection
The fall arrest attachment point must be located on the back, positioned between the shoulder blades. Your harness must always include a dorsal attachment point, but some may also allow you to attach SRLs without pulling up the webbing or impeding use of the D-ring, like with our EZ Link™ Technology.

2 Webbing
Webbing is an important factor in the durability and safety of the harness. Ensure that the webbing is strong enough to endure rough use, exposure to sunlight and other elements without tearing or fraying. Specialty applications such as welding and electrical maintenance require the use of Nomex®/ Kevlar® fibres or nylon that offers fire resistance or arc flash protection.

3 Adjusting points
Whether you wear a harness four hours a day or 14, it needs to fit right for safety and comfort. Harnesses with adjusting points on the legs, waist (belt models), chest and torso allow a better fit.

4 Leg straps
Depending on worker preference, leg strap fasteners may be available in different styles, including:

Tongue Buckle

Pass-Through Buckle

Quick-Connect Buckle

5 Pelvic support
A sub-pelvic strap provides additional support, security and comfort for the user. Properly positioned, it better distributes forces during a fall.

6 Book-style labels
Book-style labels put product and inspection information at the workers’ fingertips. Pages may include sizing, operating instructions, inspection log, warning labels and compliance information. These labels promote quick inspection, compliance and safety.

7 Stitching
Double box stitching provides maximum strength and durability. It’s sewn-in quality you can trust.

8 Padding
Cushioned shoulder, leg and hip pads keep the pressure off, providing extra worker comfort for long hours of wear. In a fall, they absorb shock and help distribute your weight. They may be built-in to avoid slipping or may be removable.

9 Seat slings
A removable seat sling provides job versatility and added comfort during long hours of use.

10 Impact indicators
Impact indicators provide immediate notice that the worker and harness have been in a fall. This feature promotes safety and proper inspection.

11 Lanyard keepers
A lanyard keeper provides a place to park your lanyard when not in use. It helps prevents tripping and entanglement for enhanced safety.

12 Breathable linings
Breathable linings, like those found in ExoFit™ Harnesses, wick moisture away from your body, so you stay dry and comfortable in heat or cold.

13 Trauma straps
Suspension trauma straps are easily deployed and hook together in seconds, allowing you to stand up while suspended in harness with one or both feet to relieve leg trauma.


Types of Harnesses
3M™ DBI-SALA® Harnesses are available in different types, with various features, depending on their intended use. Multi Purpose/

Choosing a Harness – Multi Purpose/Construction Harness
• Aluminum back and side
• Sewn-in hip pad
• Locking quick connect buckles
• Removable belt
1113121C Small
1113124C Medium
1113127C Large
1113130C X-Large

Choosing a Harness -Work Positioning Harness
• Aluminum back and side-D
• Locking quick connect buckles
1113046C Small
1113049C Medium
1113052C Large
1113055C X-Large

CHossing a Harness – Ladder Climbing Harness
Aluminum back and front
• Locking quick connect buckles
1113031C Small
1113034C Medium
1113037C Large
1113040C X-Large

Choosing a Descent Control Harness
• Aluminum back and front
• Cross over style
• Locking quick connect buckles
1113091C Small
1113094C Medium
1113097C Large
1113100C X-Large

Choosing a Harness – Confined Space Entry/Retrieval Harness
Aluminum back and shoulder
• Locking quick connect buckles
1113061C Small
1113064C Medium
1113067C Large
1113070C X-Large

Choosing a Harness – Suspension/Rigging Harness
• Aluminum back front (2), and
side D-rings
• Specialized rope access/rescue
• Locking quick connect buckles
1113345C Small
1113346C Medium
1113347C Large
1113348C X-Large

Choosing a Harness

Which 3M™ DBI-SALA® Harness is right for you?

ExoFit™ STRATA™ Harness | The light-wearing full-body harness that’s ideal for those who wear personal SRLs.
ExoFit™ NEX Harness | The gold standard in comfort, function and durability.
ExoFit™ Harness | The original comfort harness.
Delta™ Harness | The workhorse of the industry: Durable, convenient and comfortable.

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