Hercules SLR is master stocking IR/Zimmerman distributor.

IR/Zimmerman is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic handling systems, lift assist equipment, overhead bridge crane systems, jib cranes, air balancers and enclosed rail systems and accessories.

Zimmerman Series Rail Systems

Quality steel, aluminum, and stainless steel rail systems Ingersoll Rand rails are available in three different materials and five different sizes to meet your specific material handling needs. The enclosed rail systems design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal rolling surfaces, thus reducing rolling effort.

Zimmerman Series Handling Systems – Custom Devices

Freestanding Workstation Crane



Zimmerman Lifting/Balancing Devices

Pneumatic Balancer Capacities up to 2 000 lb

  • Allows user to move load up/down controls then float mode allows for precision manual movement and placement of the load without having the ”jogging” associated with air and electric hoists
  • Energy savings – less air consumption than air hoist
  • Used in application where precision spotting is necessary
  • Offers up to 120” travel

Spring Balancer Capacities up to 363 lb

  • Lifts ranging from 5 to 9 feet
  • Used in applications where:
    • Loads travel a relatively short distance
    • One tool is used repeatedly in a limited area of motion, such as assembly stations
    • Single load balancing is required (weld guns, assembly fixtures, etc.)