Hercules SLR can provide qualified technicians to inspect, estimate and

repair your securing, lifting and rigging equipment on-site or in one of

our full-service shops.

• Fall arrest – harness, lanyards, life lines, Miller Dalloz, North and DBI/Sala

• Lifting gear – all sling types, hooks, shackles, eye bolts and swivels

• Overhead, gantry and jib cranes

• Monorails

• Crane wire rope – overhead and offshore

• Hoists and trolleys – manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic

• Below the hook devices

• Rigging gear and hardware

• Winches – air and hydraulic

• Hydraulic jacks

Inspections and repairs save you time and money on running your company. 

All inspections comply with provincial Occupational Health & Safety Acts, CSST in Quebec and ASME standards. We are registered to ISO 9001:2015 and our team has had training from a number of leading international companies who specialize in lifting gear application and material handling, such as:

• The Crosby Group • Yale Hoists • Columbus McKinnon

• Campbell • Ingersoll Rand • Kito Hoists

• Coffing Hoists • Renfroe • Wire Rope Industries

• DBI/Sala • Lift-Tech • Magna Lifting

• Wire Rope Corporation of America • Miller Dalloz • Tractel

• The Crane Institute of America • Bridon – Bekeart • 3M



If a need for repair arises during inspection, we can immediately make recommendations and schedule the repair to reduce work interruption and ensure your equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Once repairs have been completed, we will supply full certification on your equipment to show it meets the required industry and manufacturer standards.



Our web based certificate tracking system, can help you to maintain your inspection records, provide advance notice of inspection due dates and schedule service times to ensure your work site equipment remains certified.

Lifting Standards Worldwide

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the globe as the respected and authoritative representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

Comprehensive training programs cover every aspect of lifting equipment from manufacture, assembly and testing, through to examination and certification. Health, safety and legal requirements are also included.

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