Hercules SLR Rigging at the Winter Wonder Forest

Hercules SLR Rigging at the Winter Wonder Forest

Our Hercules SLR Leduc team is happy to have had the opportunity to support The Winter Wonder Forest this year, donating materials and labour to assist in them getting some portions of their light show up and running. The Winter Wonder Forest is a charity drive-through holiday light show featuring light displays, ice sculptures, musical performances and even guest appearances from Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

The Winter Wonder Forest is presented by the True Start Foundation, which is striving to break the cycle of financial dependency for individuals and themselves as a nonprofit. True Start Foundation helps those that need a hand up to reposition themselves into a better financial situation. Through education and relationships in the community, everyone can help themselves be happier, allowing them to begin to contribute back to a better world. And through The Winter Wonder Forest festival, they are able to secure some of the funds they need to do this, without needing to heavily rely on grant programs that they know are also funnelling into over 26,000 other nonprofits in Alberta.

Here are a couple of photos of light displays that feature Hercules SLR rigging. That’s right, rigging isn’t just found on the construction site! The Hercules SLR rigging experts love being able to go out into our Canadian communities and support initiatives like the Winter Wonder Forest.

Interested in checking these out (and more!) yourself? The Winter Wondeforest Festival in Edmonton, Alberta makes an excellent social-distanced holiday activity. You can learn more about the festival and purchase tickets here: www.winterwonderforest.ca/

Learn more about the True Start Foundation here Donate to the True Start Foundation here


HGC Collaborates With the CNIB ‘Phone It Forward’ Campaign

CNIB Phone it Forward

This October The Canadian National Institute of the Blind launched it’s CNIB Phone it Forward campaign, and Hercules SLR and Group of Companies was excited to be a part of it.

Many people don’t realize the tremendous impact modern smartphones have in the lives of individuals who are blind. Today, accessible smartphone apps make it possible for people who are blind to do all kinds of things that may have seemed challenging before.

Modern smartphones allow people who are blind to:

  • Read prescription labels and take medication safely
  • Recognize the faces of loved ones
  • Access emergency assistance from sighted volunteers
  • Travel safely alone using GPS
  • And do hundreds of other day-to-day tasks most of us take for granted

Did you know?

All smartphones now offer built-in “voice over” technology, which reads aloud everything that appears on the phone’s screen so that a person who is blind can access it.

The need is overwhelming

Despite how life-changing smartphones can be for people who are blind, many people with sight loss still don’t own one – at least not one that’s advanced enough to help them in their daily lives.

For some people, it’s hard enough to make ends meet, let alone purchase the latest smartphone.


The CNIB Phone it Forward campaign is a really easy way to get unused smartphones into the hands of those who need them – it literally will change their lives.

The Hercules Group of Companies, Hercules SLR, Spartan Marine and Stellar Industries, are proud to be collaborating with the CNIB Phone it forward campaign, and will be stocking the envelopes at all our stores. If you want to donate a smartphone, call into any of our stores and pick one up. The leaflet included contains all the information you need.

CNIB phone it forward

In return for the donation of your old smartphone, you will receive a tax receipt for it’s value. When you register your phone they will tell you what it is.

Donation Process

Website address bar icon

Register Your Donation

Donate today. Follow the steps to get a tax receipt quote for your smartphone donation and fill out the required information forms to register your donation.

Envelope icon

Pick Up An Envelope

Pick up a prepaid Phone It Forward donation envelope from one of our sponsors, the Hercules Group of Companies, Hercules SLR, Spartan Marine, Wire Rope Atlantic and Stellar Industrial, at a wide variety of locations across Canada.

Postal Service icon

Send In Your Donation

Pack your smartphone donation and the required, signed documents generated in the registration process, in the envelope and drop in any Canada Post mailbox.

Receipt icon

Receive Your Tax Receipt

When your device is received and evaluated to confirm it matches the information provided to us, we will send out your tax receipt.

We look forward to seeing you in our stores!

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