The Hercules Team During COVID-19 | #HercAtWork #HercAtHome

The Hercules Team During COVID-19| #HercAtWork #HercAtHome

The entire world has felt the effects of COVID-19, all in different ways than others. The Hercules Group of Companies has remained open during this time providing uninterrupted & safe customer service to Canada’s vital essential services.

Although we have remained open, business has most certainly not been as normal. We’ve been working very hard to take special measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and community while adhering to provincial guidelines. These measures are detailed here.

This has meant changing up the ways we do things – with some employees shifting to work from home while others on-site made changes to their work routine and procedure to allow for social distancing. Personal time at home also took a shift, just like everyone else!

These unprecedented times have been tough for many people. But the Hercules Group of Company has been holding on and trying our hardest to make the absolute best of the situation and changing routines. We’ve been sharing some of the highlights over on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) but thought it would be fun to compile them all together here.

Here are some of the bright moments our team has shared with us during this time – Because we all need to be reminded to reflect on and relish the good:

1. Stuck-at-Home Entertainment

At work and at home our Hercules team, like everyone else, helped to flatten the curve and had to find all sorts of creative ways to entertain themselves. Here’s what Jeff Sheehan our Branch Manager from Newfoundland and his family got up to. T-shirt making, face/beard painting, and indoor hockey capers!

2. Creative Outlets

Many of our Hercules Team transitioned to working from home, and kept their sanity by finding different outlets for their creativity! These cute wood paintings were created by Hercules SLR National Program Manager, Lisa Barkhouse.

3. Work-From-Home Buddies

Our Hercules SLR Branch Manager in BC, Deanna MacDonald, shared this funny #HercAtHome moment she had with her son, Jaxton.

4. Sending Love to Healthcare Heros

Our Branch Manager Deanna in Langely BC, decided to show some love in her front window – Showing that all of our hearts, collectively go out to every healthcare and front line worker during this difficult time.

5. Working with Fur-Babies

Our furry friends had to adjust as much us, as many of them we not used to having us around all day. These two beauties are the fur babies of our VP of Sales and Operations Rose Efford.

6. Taking on Projects

Our National Program Manager Lisa Barkhouse kept herself busy building a new road on her property – Now that’s a way to keep busy!

7. Diving into Hobbies

Many of us took this time as an opportunity to dive into hobbies or pick up a new one! Our CSR in Langely BC, Paula Terrell did some awesome planting projects!

8. Keeping Active With the Family

This has been a time to cherish family, whether remotely or in person, it’s been so important we all remain connected. This is our Sudbury Territory Sales Manager Kelly having some fun with her family and keeping the Hercules Brand strong with those awesome toques!

9. Father-Son Projects

Our Hercules MMS Machinist Gregg Kinsman and his son Gage made this awesome project with oodles of creativity!

10. Social-Distanced Team Lunches

At Hercules SLR Brampton the distance may have changed but their team spirit is stronger than ever! They found ways to adapt to the current situation without having to give up team activities. These photos show how they re-organized their team lunch so they could still enjoy some Popeyes together.

11. Remote Family Coffee Dates

Our Service Supervisor, Arthur Lewis shared this moment where he was able to have a coffee with his daughter and granddaughters before work even though they have had to social distance from each other – How sweet!

Hercules SLR is proud to be an essential service in these unprecedented times. We remain open, while respecting the emergency measures put in place by our provincial governments and health advice.

We have set up specific drop-off and pick-up points in-store and you can call us ahead of time to make sure everything is ready before your arrival. Your safety is our priority and when you need us, we are here for you. Call us: 1 800 461-4876 or visit us online here to find the nearest branch:


10 Tips for Time on Your Hands at Home

10 Tips for Time on Your Hands at Home

We are all spending more time at home than usual right now during the ongoing health crisis and with time on our hands, we need to think of ways to occupy ourselves. Here are 10 top tips to keep you entertained.

1. A fun, home DIY project

DIY doesn’t have to be a chore— Why not try your hand at making a rope ottoman. An old tire, some manila rope, and a few tools will have you sitting pretty all summer! Check out our blog here for a how to!

2. At-home movie nights

From Netflix to the Play Store, there are so many options to stream movies at home now! Make some popcorn and dim the lights to turn your den, living room or basement into a home movie theatre. Have fun and make each movie night a different theme like “scary movies,” “rom com’s,” “Thrillers” or “animated classics!”

3. Reading challenge

Take a break from the computer, phone or tablet and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read! Challenge yourself to read something out of your preferred genre, or maybe try to finish a book a week. This is a great way to de-stress and escape from the current, stressful climate.

4. Exercise

Keep your body and immune system strong by doing some home exercise. Your gym may be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on your fitness routine! There are thousands of fitness tutorials online ranging from yoga to weight training, that you can follow along with from the comfort of your home.

5. Catch up with loved ones

Physical distancing doesn’t mean we have to stop communicating. Whether it’s through social media, an email or phone call, reach out to friends and family to ask them how they’re doing, have a laugh, or simply catch up.

6. The Friday Food Crawl

With delivery apps a plenty, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite restaurants! Most eateries are offering delivery options now. Look up local restaurants in your neighborhood and make an order! Make it a fun Friday night event with different themes like “Pasta” or “Fish & Chips”

7. Spring cleaning

You know it has to be done, so why not start now? Use this time to clear out your closet, give your kitchen a long-needed deep clean and any other tidying up you’ve been putting off over the last few months. You’ll have a great sense of satisfaction once it’s done and out of the way!

8. Game on!

It’s always a good idea to take a break from the technology once in a while. Board games, card games and puzzles are a great way to have some tech-free fun and bond with family. There are so many different board games on the market and the good thing is, you can order them online.

9. Learn something

Take some time to learn something new while you’re at home! Dust off that camera sitting in your garage, hone your cooking skills, or even take an online class in a subject you’re interested in. Sites like Skillshare, Coursera and even YouTube offer thousands of virtual tutorials and classes to help you learn something new.

10. Pamper yourself—Ladies and Gents

Turn your home into a personal spa paradise! Kick back and do a face mask, manicure, soak your feet, or even get your partner to give you a romantic back massage. Just because your favorite salon or spa is closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some relaxing self-care.


Covid-19 | Your Safety is Our Priority

We are committed to keeping your business running during this unprecedented time.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are taking special measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and community.
The Hercules Group of Companies remains open for business, and our goal is to provide uninterrupted & safe customer service during this difficult period.
To comply with developing health advisories, and as a precaution for all our customers & employees, walk-in’s are limited to less than that of provincial recommendation or store size.

While in store, it is essential that physical distancing is adhered to and both customers & employees remain 6 ft. apart.

Please note we are accepting CREDIT & DEBIT card payments at the counter. Your service provider will allow you the space to complete your transaction. The terminal will be cleaned after each transaction.
If you have an Air Miles® Card please provide the number or the card so we can award your points as usual.

You can call ahead

When calling make sure you leave your name, address and a callback number as we may need to arrange a pick-up or delivery time.

For your convenience, call your local branch to schedule a personal appointment with our sales team with expectations of your visit, allowing us to get as much prepared in advance for you as possible.

Specially allocated drop off and pick up locations will be available in the branches.

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For all your lifting and rigging services and solutions, call us – If we don’t have it, we can get it and we ship anywhere.