CROSBY QUIZ: Can you Pass this Hook Inspection Quiz?

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So you think you know how to inspect a hoist hook? Prove it. Take the Crosby Quiz and find out if you’re a  pro at inspecting hooks for hoisting, or if you should get some more training. 

It’s important to know what makes a hook no longer safe to use – there are a number of factors that contribute to this, and aren’t always glaringly obvious like it being broken or crooked.

Hooks that don’t pass inspection can cause the load to release, and this can result in damaged materials, injured workers or legal consequences. It’s important to conduct inspections before you use the sling – each time

Take the Quiz from Crosby and find out if you’re a hook inspection pro, or if you have a bit more to learn. 

Wear in the area indicated is limited to _____?

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Wear in the circled areas is limited to _____ of cross sectional area?

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Wear in the areas indicated are limited to _____ of cross sectional area?

Per ASME B30.10, you should remove any hook from service with a throat opening that's increased by _____. Or, as the manufacturer recommends.

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According to ASME B30.10, if a hook has _____ twist, remove the hook from service immediately.

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This hook should be removed from service, because:

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ASME B30.10 gives rejection criteria for hoist hooks - this includes:

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CROSBY QUIZ: So you think you can Inspect a Hoist Hook?
Wow, are you a LEEA certified inspector?! You know exactly when a hoist hook should be removed from service.
Wow, you're good - almost an expert! A little hands-on experience will help make you even better.
So close - you're almost there! A little rigging, and you'll be an expert in no time.
Not quite a fail, but not quite a pass either... You definitely have some work to do! You definitely don't have your ASME B30 standards memorized, but with a little work and training, you'll get there.
Yikes... Only 2 correct. Hopefully you're not responsible for rigging or inspecting hoists!
Only 1 right... Please tell us you're not a rigger. Time for training!
None right. Head back to rigging school!

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There are ASME Standards that apply to rigging, and more specifically, hooks for lifting. Although they’re not law themselves, these standards are important to know as they’re directly quoted in Canadian legislation. Be sure to check the manufacturer warnings, usage instructions and other recommendations that may apply to the equipment you’re using. 




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