Tension & Cantilevered Jib Cranes

Moving large items without causing a problem to the equipment, product or person is a common operation in construction or small, medium and large industrial facilities. Sometimes, employees cannot perform these kind of operations manually, because the items are too heavy and have potential to cause serious injures. This is why such lifting and moving operations need to be carried out using a jib crane.

Mast Type Jib Cranes – Type J10, j11

• Low headroom design.

• Imposes less force than column mounted solutions.

• Span and height combinations
from 8’-20’.

• Capacities to 5 tons.

• 360° rotation when not obstructed.

• Simple four hole base plates for easy installation.

• Bolted connections.

• Very easily adjusted (if out of plum).

• Conforms to applicable standards.

Jib cranes are commonly used in industrial lifting settings like warehouses, factories, docks, shipping yards and heavy mechanics. Their versatile capabilities and impressive material handling features make them a popular and trusted addition to almost any industrial or engineering space. They are able to perform many functions, outreaches and movements like a standard crane, which makes jib cranes able to relocate and lower heavy objects without the need for forklifts and other types of equipment, but without the space of price of a larger unit.

Jib cranes are also popular due to their compact structure and small footprint. They can be tucked away in your space without interrupting your daily processes and tasks. Still as powerful and versatile as some of the other machines available, jib cranes are a great choice because they’re useful and small at the same time.

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