Utility Tarpaulins

Whether you want to cover the ground or cover equipment, we have the utility tarpaulins you need at a great price. 

Tying down your load is often required by law, and these tarps will help you conform the local regulations. We also have everything else you need to secure your load. 

North American Cargo Securement Standard. 

From CCMTA.ca

What does the Standard require of the driver and
carrier? (Section 2.3)

The following conditions must exist before a driver can
operate a commercial motor vehicle and a carrier can
require or permit a driver to operate a commercial motor

 The commercial motor vehicle’s cargo must be properly
distributed and adequately secured.
 The commercial motor vehicle’s structure and
equipment must be secured:
− Tailgate
− Doors
− Tarpaulins
− Spare tire
− Other equipment used in the vehicle’s operation
− Cargo securing equipment.

The cargo or any other object must not:
− Obscure the driver’s view ahead or to the right or
left sides (except for drivers of self-steer dollies).
− Interfere with the free movement of the driver’s
arms or legs.
− Prevent the driver’s free and ready access to
accessories required for emergencies. OR
− Prevent the free and ready exit of any person from
the commercial motor vehicle’s cab or driver’s

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