KEY benefits

SLINGMASTER® quality standards ensure compliance and reliability

• Hercules SLR ISO-9001-2015 certification program ensures that mills meet quality assurance standards and on-going testing requirements
• Hercules SLR only manufactures Flemish-Rolled Eye slings maintaining maximum efficiency
• Gauging and painting of pressed fittings combined with assembly measurement checks allows for individual quality verification
• Cut to length measurements utilizing calibrated tables and tracks ensure consistent lengths can be provided every time
• Detailed work instructions, ongoing employee training and equipment calibration maintains quality standards
• SLINGMASTER® sling tags provide for quick verification of capacity and manufacturer

SLINGMASTER® manufacturing capabilities meet customer needs

• Nationwide manufacturing capabilities for Flemish-rolled Eye slings up to 3” diameter
• Complete range of splicing options offered including mechanical spliced standard poured socket to three-inch, high performance wire rope with thimble eyes, grommet slings, multiple legged bridles and hand spliced bridles
• Specialized terminations including fused & tapered ends, ferrule buttons, becket pulling loops, threaded terminals, swage and fittings, spelter and wedge sockets
• Tower and bridge strand structural support assemblies
• Custom designed assemblies to meet specialized lifting needs
• Full inspection, testing & certification capabilities with capacity to 900,000 lbs
• Cert-Tracker RFID chips and supporting mobile management systems are available to inspect, track and report on rigging and fall-arrest assets

SLINGMASTER® wire rope slings and assemblies improve productivity

• Leading quality standards and procedures ensures consistent performance and reliability
• A complete range of products, capabilities and services to meet diverse requirements
• A national service center network combined with asset management provides for cost effective asset management

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