• Thimble Eyes Splice – Designed to protect the eye when attaching rings, fittings and other attachments

• Hand Splice – Tucked tale splice utilized where potential contact or rubbing against a steel sleeve can cause damage

• Mechanical Splice – High efficiency splice for use on slings and assemblies

SLINGMASTER® End Terminations

• Becket Pulling Loop – A rope temination pressed to rope diameter that allows for simplified installation on cranes and other equipment

• Fused and Taper – Welding process designed to prevent opening of the rope and to ensure efficient installation

• Ferrule Button – Pressed or resin poured attachment used to secure the rope in a drum or other termination point

SLINGMASTER® Socket Terminations

• Swaged Open Socket – High efficiency termination utilized for general and small clearance applications

• Resin Closed Socket – High strength temination used for structural and guying applications, boom pendants and other critical applications

• Terminator Wedge Socket – Specially designed socket allowing for field installation of running ropes

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