Women In Fishing | Chelsey Gaudet

Chelsey Gaudet is from Prince Edward Island and has been working in the fishing industry for 11 years. Chelsey absolutely loves her work and wouldn’t change her path for everything in the world. She works both the Spring and Fall season and off-season times are sad for Chelsey simply because she knows she has to wait for the next season to come around.

Spartan Marine sat down with Chelsey and asked her some questions about her experience in the fishing industry, and this is what she shared with us…

How long have you been in the fishing industry?

11 years – 20 total seasons, 10 in the fall and 10 in the spring.

How did you get started in the fishing industry?

My family is all into fishing and I’ve loved it my whole life!

What’s your favorite part about working in the fishing industry?

My favorite part is being with my family in a place where I love. I’ve always loved the water and being on the water has always taken all of my stress away. I love the sunrises and seeing everything out on the water.

Have you experienced any roadblocks in the industry because you’re a woman? How did you overcome those struggles?

The only struggles I have faced working in the fishing industry is getting saltwater boil on my face – talk about painful!

Can you share your greatest achievement or fondest memory since working in the fishing industry?

I love being my own boss and making my own money. Seeing lots of lobster makes my day and fishing with my father and boyfriend makes it so much better!

What would you tell a young woman wanting to get into the fishing industry? Do you have any advice?

Do it! If you’re a tough woman, you’ll love it! You do need to be tough for this job.

A big thank you goes out to Chelsey for taking some time to share her story with Spartan Marine. It’s so great to learn more about the customers we have the pleasure to serve across Atlantic Canada. Thanks Chelsey!

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