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Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers

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Anti-Slip Product Information Ladder Rungs

Completely eliminate the risk of slipping on smooth, bare ladder rungs with the simple installation of TRAX™ Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers, featuring a gritted surface that provides more grip for hands or feet, whether dry or wet. These are available for both round and square rung designs.

UBS is the official North American supplier of TRAX™ Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers.

TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers are manufactured entirely by hand in a unique multi-step fabrication process, then trimmed and cut to size. By incorporating the separate elements of the finished product into one seamless fiberglass composite material, we build the strongest and most durable product available on today’s market.

TRAX™ Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers apply over the rung with ease, displaying complete, long-lasting performance in the harshest indoor and outdoor situations.


Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers

Frequently Asked Questions

Length A 

TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers come in standard off-the-shelf lengths that will fit most applications, however special lengths can be produced upon request. The required “length” of the ladder rung cover is generally up to 2” (50 mm) shorter than the length of the actual ladder rung. This is to ensure that there is no obstruction (e.g., a weld bead) that may interfere with the seating of the rung cover.


The required “width” of the TRAX™ Ladder Rung Cover is the internal dimension between the two drops or “legs” of the rung cover. The internal width of a ladder rung cover should be 1/16–1/8” (2–3mm) greater than the outside diameter of the actual ladder rung. This allows for a cushion layer of adhesive to sit between the ladder rung and the ladder rung cover.

Ladder rung Covers

Customizing the standard TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers:

TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers are easily cut to length if required. The modifier will require a dry cut diamond blade operated in a 10″ (254mm) fixed miter/chop saw or a hand-held 4″ (100mm) angle grinder. 

**Eye protection and dust masks should be worn as dust and loose chips will be generated.**

No edge sealing is necessary where the product has been cut. 

The unique multi-step fabrication method used to create TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers is entirely done by hand. They are then trimmed and cut to size. We create the strongest and most long-lasting product currently on the market by combining the individual components of the finished product into a single seamless fibreglass composite material.

A cushion layer of robust elasticized adhesive secures TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers firmly to pre-existing ladder rungs. Using a standard mastic gun, the glue is dispensed from tubes.

Recommended adhesives include:

• Sikaflex 252
• Sika 11FC
• Soudal T-Rex

TRAX™ Ladder Rung Covers are fabricated to be extremely durable and chemical resistant. Most cleaning can be achieved with medium pressure steam or water, mild degreasers, and general detergents. 

Fine: Commonly used for anti-slip solutions in commercial buildings and swimming pools.

Offshore Anti-Slip: Commonly used for oil platforms, heavily soiled areas. 

Industrial Anti-Slip: Commonly used for most industrial applications.

Extreme: Commonly used in heavy snow areas and other extreme applications.


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