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Jib Cranes

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Why Choose Hercules SLR Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are cranes composed of vertical masts and a horizontal jib arms. They are relatively easy to build and install, and they increase shop productivity and improve workplace safety in a variety of industrial environments.

Compared to more complicated types of cranes, jib cranes are simple to operate, and require less maintenance.

Freestanding jib cranes are popular because they can be used in virtually any environment. However, it’s important that any crane is anchored securely in place, whether by means of a base-plate mount, specialized foundation, or other means. The strength of this anchor determines the crane’s overall load capacity.

Hercules SLR supplies Canadian businesses with customized, tough, dependable, cost-effective jib crane systems. Our expert team can help you save time and money by investing in a jib crane.

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Jib Cranes

Frequently Asked Questions

Used where overhead cranes are not practical or feasible. Gives full 360 degree coverage allowing unrestricted load movement.

 – Base Mounted Model: Full Circle Jib Crane designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance requirements, and years of trouble free service.

 – Foundation Mounted Model: This unit is selected when bottom base & gusset plates interfere with cranes placement.
Note: Capacities to 5 tons

 – Sleeve Mounted Model: This unit is selected if the cranes removal is an important factor.
Note: Capacities to 5 tons.

 – Spans and height combination’s from 8’-20’.

 – 360° rotation (when not obstructed).

 – Design allows for easy rotation, even under full load.

 – Units are fully self-supporting (must be anchored to specified foundation).

 – Conforms to AISC, OSHA and CMAA standards.

1. Two roller design with articulated roller housing provides easy, precise rotation while reducing concentrated roller pressure on the pipe for most “normal” industrial applications.

2. Jib head is designed for exact bearing alignment for trouble-free installations and “friction-free” rotation. Adjustable rollers insure proper boom leveling.

3. End stops provide a positive hoist/trolley stop, and allows for maximum in trolley travel.

4. Optional hoist/trolley packages available.

 – All cranes have been designed to accept a kit for powered rotation either with the initial order or at a later date.


 – Low headroom design.

 – Imposes less force than column mounted solutions.

 – Span and height combinations from 8’-20’.

 – Capacities to 5 tons.

 – 360° rotation when not obstructed.

 – Simple four hole base plates for easy installation.

 – Bolted connections.

 – Very easily adjusted (if out of plum).

 – Conforms to applicable standards.

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