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Why Choose Hercules SLR Lifting Beams & Spreader Beams

Lifting beams and spreader beams are long metal beams that connect cranes or hoists to sets of multiple lifting slings. They balance large or awkwardly shaped loads.

A lifting beam only has one lifting point on top, usually its position on the beam is adjustable to account for unbalanced loads. In contrast, A spreader beam has two lifting points on top, one at either end.

Spreader beams convert the weight of the load to inward compressive force and, as a result, can attain relatively good capacity to weight ratios.

Lifting beams are designed to handle bending forces, not compressive ones, and need to be heavier to achieve the same performance as spreader beams. However, lifting beams do require less headroom than spreader beams.

Spreader Bar inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

 – Provides clearance in low headroomfixed spreader beam applications.

 – Bent bar bail for easy crane hook attachment.

 – Eye hooks with hook latches standard.

 – Fixed spread.

 – Complies with ASME standards.

 – Bail adjusts horizontally for lifting unbalancedadjustable spreader beam loads.

 – Provides clearance in low headroom applications.

 – Spread adjusts in 6” increments along lifting beam.

 – Shackles included.

 – Complies with ASME standards.


 – OPTION S – Pair of swivel hooks
 – OPTION C – Chain top rigging
 – OPTION B1 – One cross beam*
 – OPTION B2 – Two cross beams*

* Specify spreads

 – Beam length extends from 10’ to 22’.modular spreader beam

 – Capacities in 1 and 2 ton.

 – Lightweight.

 – Faspin with lanyard allows for quick adjustment of spread in 1’ increments.

 – Hair pin cotter top rigging attachment.

 – Complies with ASME standards.

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