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Lifting tongs are specialized crane or hoist attachments used to lift and position materials in heavy industries like construction, energy, mining, and manufacturing. Essentially, lifting tongs are like a giant pair of kitchen tongs attached to a crane rope or lifting hoist, but lifting tongs also include a special latch system which translates the weight of the load into a secure grip.

Hercules SLR is Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of custom lifting tongs. We design and build bespoke lifting tong solutions for any application and can include special features such as automatic or manual latches, minimum and/or maximum opening stops, handles, and extra pad points. In short, we build and supply the best lifting tongs for your application.

Every set of lifting tongs needs to be extensively proof-tested, and certified to meet government & industry standards. Hercules SLR lifting tongs meet or exceed all industry standards.

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