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Pallet lifters allow cranes and hoists to move wooden pallets and the items they hold. They’re essentially just a pair of standard forklift forks connected to a right-angle frame and pick-up point.

Some warehouses or other industrial applications make standard forklifts impractical, and overhead lifting with a pallet lifter is the best way to move products around safely, securely, and efficiently.

Some pallet lifters include a counterweight that maintains a level position when not under load. While some pallet lifters achieve balance through adjustable positioning of their pick-up point.  

Pallet lifters are available in either fixed-fork or adjustable-fork configurations.

It’s important to remember to position pallet lifters correctly, so the load stays balanced and everything stays put during the lift. 

Hercules SLR is Canada’s homegrown supplier of pallet lifters. Contact our experts today to get yours.

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