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A swivel is a piece of rigging hardware that allows rotation in a load to aid in positioning and/or prevent twists or kinks in the rigging. Essentially, a swivel is two end fittings connected by a rotating joint.

Swivels are most useful in lifts where an item may spin, such as lifts during high winds or lifts in which the chain, wire rope, or synthetic sling construction causes load twist.

Hercules SLR swivels are available with any combination of jaw, eye, or hook ends.

A positioning swivel is one without a ball bearing in the center. Instead, the two end fittings are connected by a thread and nut. They’re called positioning swivels because they’re only designed to rotate during the initial crane hook positioning, not while under stress during the lift.

Positioning swivels are also sometimes called chain swivels, regular swivels, swivel hooks, or forged/stainless steel swivels.

A ball bearing swivel is one where both the top and bottom fittings can turn freely around a central ball bearing. They’re designed to spin while under load to help control load movement and prevent any kinking or twisting in the rigging.

No matter the job, there’s a Hercules SLR swivel capable of getting it done!

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