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Turnbuckles are metal sleeves characterized by internal screw threads used to pull two fittings closer together or push them apart simply by rotating the turnbuckle body. End fittings can be any combination of jaw, eye, or hook styles, and the whole unit is available in galvanized or stainless steel finishes, depending on the application for which it is intended.

Hercules SLR turnbuckles are a regular sight on industrial sites across Canada. They are available in a range of sizes and manufactured with the utmost focus on strength and durability.

Marine rigging and commercial fishing industries use Hercules SLR turnbuckles as an indispensable piece of their rigging hardware.

Meant to handle straight or inline force only, our heavy-duty turnbuckles may be the right choice for your application. If you have questions regarding turnbuckle capacity, configuration, or anything else related turnbuckles, contact the experts at Hercules SLR today.

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