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Hercules SLR Wire Rope Sleeves

Wire rope sleeves prevent fraying and, in conjunction with wire rope thimbles, create eye-loops at the ends of wire ropes.

When a strand of wire rope is folded over itself and fastened with a wire rope sleeve, an eye is created. The wire rope can then be attached to an object and used in a variety of rigging applications.

Hercules SLR wire rope sleeves are available in copper or aluminum construction, and with a variety of finishes to suit any environment. Our wire rope sleeves are crimped with a swage tool to provide the strongest hold possible.

In rigging, swaging is the process of using a tool or machine to apply force to a sleeve or ferrule to shape it into a desired form. Through this process, wire rope sleeves are compressed around wire ropes to form eyes or other end terminations.

When swaged correctly, wire rope sleeves provide 100% of the capacity of the wire rope to which they’re attached.

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