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Polypropylene rope, sometimes shortened to poly rope or polyprop rope, is the most popular general-purpose rope. Pound-for-pound, polypropylene rope is also the strongest synthetic rope. It is economical and versatile, knots well, and maintains flexibility in cold temperatures.

Polypropylene rope’s mono-filament fibre construction creates a very smooth surface which is easier to handle than ropes made of natural fibres.

Polypropylene rope provides low to moderate elongation, good resistance to most chemicals, high resistance to mildew, and buoyancy – making it a popular choice in marine applications.

Poly rope is also widely used by electricity utility companies because it has high resistance to the flow of electricity. But, due to its low melting point of 165 °C, polypropylene rope is not recommended for use in environments where intense heat is present.

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