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Load binders, used to safely secure loads in all sectors of the transportation industry, and fall into one of two categories – ratchet load binders and lever load binders, according to their method of tightening.

A lever type load binder, also known as lever chain or snap binders, is made up of a lever and two tension hooks on opposite ends of the unit. The lever is used to tighten the slack on load chains by reducing the distance between the hooks and locking after a 180-degree rotation. This style of load binder requires a relatively high manual force to be applied by the operator, however, they are often much quicker to install than ratchet binders.

Ratchet load binders, also known as ratchet chains, also have a tension hook on each side but tighten using a ratchet mechanism. This allows for proper securing without the need to apply as much manual force. While securing a load with a ratchet binder may take a few extra minutes, it is more controlled and ultimately deemed safer by many within the transportation industry.

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