Employee Spotlight | Lee-ah Durance, Customer Service Representative

Get to Know your Customer Service Representative, Lee-ah Durance

Get to know the team at Hercules SLR in Sarnia, Ontario! Meet Lee-ah Durance, the Customer Service Representative extraordinaire who wears many hats at the Sarnia branch.

Read on to learn more about Lee-ah’s role at Hercules SLR and what she loves about the rigging industry!

Tell us about your educational/professional background:

I come from business to business sales but in a different sector. This has helped me in my role at Hercules SLR. I have grown up with valley workers and understand the long hours and hard word that is everyday life of Chemical Valley. I am proud to now work alongside these men and women and can relate to them- which I think aids the customer relations and keeps them coming back!

An interesting fact about you is…

When training and learning about chain slings I found them easier to understand because of my jewelry making background. Chain sling components are just like jewelry components and comparing the two ensures I don’t miss pieces (like hammerlocks) in my chain slings.

Can you tell us about your work experience before joining Hercules SLR?

I have been working outside the house (I say this because I grew up on a hobby farm and have always had chores) since grade 9. Most of my experience is within an office, but I’ve worked on a farm; at a gas station and restaurant mix; and waitressed- to mention a few.

Why did you decide to work for Hercules SLR?

When I first saw the job description I was drawn to apply because of my previous sales experience. I researched the company and read through the website. I felt like Hercules SLR was a company that treated their employees fairly and that there was room to grow both personally and professionally. Once I met Brian Moniz I found he was the personification of everything I had already read about Hercules SLR. This made me feel comfortable and excited to work with him and the company. When I was offered the job I was overjoyed- I knew that Hercules SLR was somewhere I wanted to work and grow.

What’s something you’re most proud to have accomplished in your career at Hercules SLR?

I am proud every time we get a return customer because of our service. A customer showed me a few pictures of a big lift they did with 8 black round slings. I had worked closely with him on this order and was really proud of the final product and images.

What do you enjoy most about working in the rigging industry?

I enjoy talking to the customers and hearing about our products in action. I grew up with industry workers and am proud and happy to be a part of it now.

Why do you work safe?

I work safe because at the end of the day I want to get home to my partner and step-daughter. I believe in a work-life balance. Although I love my job and believe I go the extra mile for my customers- I also want to be able to go home and enjoy time with my family and friends.

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