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Fundy Machining and Millwright Services

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Since 1975, Hercules MMS (formerly Fundy Grinding) has been providing customers with quality machining and millwright services. Over time, the company has grown exponentially from providing these services locally to working across Canada and around the globe.

We have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done. All of our equipment is maintained, inspected and can be customized to match your requirements.

“Our name may have changed but our commitment, quality and expertise remain the same.”

From boring a small hole in a boom truck to complete maintenance shutdowns, we have the ability to bring our shop to yours. We can assist with all your maintenance requirements.

Our commitment to quality workmanship is supported by our ISO certification ensuring we match your expectations every time, whether the job is completed in our machine shop or on-site.
Hercules MMS offers traditional values and exceptional service. Let our experience help you achieve your goal of less downtime.

“Let our experience help you achieve your goal of less downtime.”

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General Machine Shop Repairs

  • Electric motor end bell bearing fit repairs
  • Refurbishing bearing bores in large gearboxes
  • Rubber roller grinding
  • Teflon shrink sleeve installation
  • Roller manufacturing (steel and aluminum)
  • Surface grinding
  • Key way cutting


  • Manufacture using stainless and carbon steel
  • 2D custom injection mold manufacturing
  • Babbit bearing reconditioning
  • Stainless steel boat shaft repair and manufacturing
  • Spray weld repairs on shaft seal fits
  • Spline cutting (straight sided and involute tooth cutting)
  • Custom design of replacement parts  

We offer pump repairs for the following types of pumps:

  • Reciprocating pumps
  • Multi stage deep well pumps
  • Milton Roy metering pumps
  • Portable hydraulic pumps
  • Multi stage boiler feed pumps
  • Fire pumps
  • Johnson vertical pumps
  • Gardener Duplex steam pumps
  • Dredge hydraulic pumps

Machine Shop Manufacturing. 
If we can’t fix it…We can make it.

  • Gears
  • Various sizes of shafts
  • Rollers (Steel & Aluminum – Up to 23’ long)
  • Specialized tooling
  • Rollers (Steel, Aluminum, Rubber)


“Let us help reduce your downtime”.

Machine Shop Welding

  • Spray welding (Both Rototec & Eutalloy)
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Welding
  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Brazing
  • Plazark shapes up to 1/4” thick
  • Boretech Welding
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On-site Machining Services

  • We can provide onsite machining supervision
  • Ability to work 24 hour shifts
  • Full document control with Inspection records sheets, time sheet control
  • Ability to provide costing updates as per customer requirements, daily or weekly
  • Can work as a stand-alone team or part of an integrated plant maintenance team
  • Full safety documentation available for job site use
  • Complete machine shop facility to assist onsite

“As a stand-alone team or part of an integrated plant maintenance team, we adapt to your needs”.

Insitu Services

  • Flange resurfacing 5”-60” diameter
  • Pipe weld preps 5” to 60”
  • Pipe cut out and weld bevels 6” to 18”
  • Motor base and sole plate milling
  • Stud and bolt removal (including large diameter studs)
  • Onsite drilling and tapping. (holes up to 4” dia.)
  • Line boring services ( 1.5” diameter and up)
  • Large diameter boring (up to 60”diameter )
  • Larger boring can be done on a per job request ex. pump/turbine casings, blower housing, etc
  • Slip ring machining
  • In place shaft machining and repair
  • In place shaft keyway milling
  • Bore honing services
  • Fixed coupling bolt hole boring

Portable Equipment

Our complete mobile machine shop can be placed within your facility to support your shutdown or outage.

Our mobile machine shop can be customized to include:

  • Rigging and other lifting provisions
  • Standard steel stock
  • Millwright hand tooling
  • Additional machine equipment as needed
  • Portable shop can be customized to your requirements


Since 1975 we have been working in the Power Generation Industry

For over 40 years, we have the Mining and Power Generation Industry. We provide complete Millwright crews for power plant shutdowns.

  • Dedicated turbine specialist crews can be provided for turbine repairs
  • We can provide millwright supervision
  • Ability to work 24 hour shifts
  • Full document control with inspection records sheets, time sheet control
  • Ability to provide costing updates as per customer requirements, daily or weekly
  • Can work as a stand alone team or part of an integrated plant maintenance team
  • Full safety documentation available for job site use
  • Proud partner of the Millwright Local 1178
  • Complete machine shop facility to assist onsite machining preparation for mobilization and support during outages
  • Millwright support for turbine installations or repairs

We have completed repairs on turbines such as:

  • Complete strip down and rebuilds on turbines and generators
  • Alignment of turbine and generator
  • Machining and replacing of valve studs
  • Valve and relay overhauls
  • Lifting of cylinders, cross over pipes, spindles, and rotor in and out of turbine
  • Bearing inspections and replacements
  • Hydrogen seal inspections and replacements
  • Alignment of pumps and commissioning
  • Boiler feed pump repairs
  • Force draft fan repairs

“Traditional values, exceptional service.” 

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WE’VE MOVED! FIND US AT 144 CROSSLEY AVENUE, TRURO, NS B3B 1B3 | Directions to Hercules MMS 

If you have any questions about our Machine Shop Services, you can contact Arthur Lewis at +1 (902) 895 6911 or by e-mail.
Need help after 5pm? We’ve got you covered. 

Our normal hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm. Hercules MMS understands that sometimes our customers can not predict when they will require require our services. It is for this reason that we offer our customers a way to contact us after our regular working hours. Customers that require service after hours, can contact our “on-call” machinist to schedule a time to come in.

Hercules MMS After Hours Number: +1 (902) 890 4202

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