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LEEA Training at Hercules SLR: Teaching with an Edge


Hercules SLR is a full LEEA member, and it’s important for us to stay up-to-date with industry trends, education and certifications, like LEEA training. 


So, what’s LEEA training? LEEA is the Lifting Equipment Engineer’s Association, which operates across the globe (they’re based in over 69 countries!) as a representative body for everyone involved in the lifting & hoisting industry.

The association has played a key role in the specialized lifting field for over 70 years, from training & standards setting through to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.


This month, Inspectors from our branches across Canada participated in LEEA Level-2 General Advanced training. This training covers broad lifting and hoisting principles for inspectors, and includes what to look for on equipment like chain slings, wire rope, shackles and eye bolts.

Clint, an Inspector from Hercules SLR in Brampton, Ontario says, “LEEA training is great – It gives us a better understanding of how the equipment actually works, which makes it much easier to identify problems.” 

Clint, an Inspector from Hercules SLR in Brampton, Ontario says, “LEEA training is great – It gives us a better understanding of how the equipment actually works, which makes it much easier to identify problems.”

“I love having the opportunity to learn more, and the training really helps us notice things that sometimes, aren’t blatantly obvious.”

During training, LEEA instructors are accessible and eager to answer questions. Students don’t feel rushed, and learn not just from a book, but from real-world applications that relate to topics in the book and lesson.

At Hercules SLR, we’re proud that all of our inspectors have the LEEA Lifting Equipment General Diploma, and all receive on-going training. LEEA Certification gives inspectors an edge – when you’re LEEA-certified, you receive a LEEA card you can show clients & customers on-site, so they know they’re in good hands.

Another benefit Hercules SLR Inspectors say LEEA gives, is trust. “Sometimes, a company might not think your diagnosis is correct, or say ‘We’ve always done it this way, so it works’. But when you’re LEEA-certified, your opinion is automatically credible.” says Clint,  Hercules SLR Inspector.


The next LEEA training topic on the Hercules SLR docket are manual hoists. What are our inspectors excited for?

“I can’t wait to gain more insight into the equipment we inspect, especially manual hoists, which are up next. The courses become more niche as you go along, and the next training will be a 50/50 spilt – Time will be spent equally in the classroom and hands-on, with the gear.” says a Hercules SLR Inspector.

LEEA Training teaches gives our Inspectors a detailed eye to keep your rigging, lifting and hoisting gear safe, durable and read-to-work.

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