New: MSA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

A new, first-of-its-kind, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), named the M1 SCBA by MSA was unveiled in September of this year.

Before this, respiratory protection for firefighters was unvarying, and this was the industry norm. However, fire stations have different needs. Each has specific preferences, expectations and needs from their respiratory protection.

MSA designed and developed the M1 SCBA over three years, by listening to industry and customer concerns, and rigorous development and testing.

G1 Industrial SCBA Cylinder Connection

The M1 SCBA is fully customizable and can be arranged to meet a wide range of needs. The M1 SCBA has customizable features to improve hygiene, ergonomics, and comfort. These features include being machine washable (without having to disassemble), a water-repellent padded harness, one-handed height adjustment, the industry’s lightest-weight backplate and a hip belt which evenly distributes the weight of the breathing apparatus.

Additionally, The M1 SCBA reduces overall cost-of-ownership. How? It includes a high-pressure cylinder connection for fast cylinder exchanges, configurations with and without integrated, electronics and telemetry—it’s also compatible with MSA’s G1 face-piece. If you desire better voice enhancement, it contains a state-of-the-art communications system named the C1 headset that attaches easily to the outside of the facepiece.

Work safe and stay protected—find MSA self-contained breathing apparatus’ and other MSA brand products at Hercules SLR.

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