Fall Protection Harness Service

ASME Certified Fall Protection Harness Inspectors

Hercules SLR Fall Protection Harness Certification

Fall protection harnesses should be inspected prior to every use. In addition to this user performed inspection, it’s important to monitor and maintain the integrity of the harness through periodic fall protection harness service.

According to Canadian law, fall protection harnesses must be inspected and certified every year.

Hercules SLR provides ASME certified inspection, testing, and certification services for fall protection harnesses.

Fall protection harness service includes checking for damage, distortion, and discoloration. The technician also checks that all the labels are present and legible, and checks to see if the impact indicator has been activated. 

Nothing is more important that going home safe at the end of the day, so make sure your fall protection harness certification is up-to-date.

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